Best Bracelets For Men 2023

Men’s bracelets often don’t get the style recognition they deserve. A lot of attention is paid to watches (for anniversary gifts, graduations), rings (soccer championships, weddings) and even necklaces. But bracelets are more subtle accessories and are easily overlooked, but the best bracelets for men really up your fashion game.

Bracelets are not an impulse buy like sunglasses. You need to do some thought and consideration while buying it, especially if it is expensive and you want to build a collection. Sorting through the styles, materials, and designs available can be overwhelming. “It’s daunting because there’s so much to think about,” says fashion blogger Sabir Peele of Men’s Style Pro. I spoke to fashion stylists beforehand and used my own fashion knowledge to weigh up the different choices. Whether you want a discreet style like David Yurman’s Box Chain or a bolder option like Brilliant Earth’s Homme ID, here are the best bracelets for men right now.

Sizes: XS to XL | Material: sterling silver | Closure: snap closure | Broad: 4mm

David Yurman’s bracelets are classic and ruggedly stylish. This box chain option comes in multiple materials—from stainless steel to silver to gold—and a variety of widths. The thinner styles are easier to mix and match with other bracelets and are also lightweight, while thicker options are more statement.

Sizes: 7 to 8 inches | Materials: Black Titanium, Titanium, Sterling Silver, 14k Yellow Gold | Closure: Claw Clasp | Broad: 3mm

Mejuri is known for modern, minimalist jewelry for men and women. One of the most affordable styles on the market, their best-selling Round Box Chain bracelet looks classy and expensive. This bracelet is also available in gold and silver (but costs more). Keep in mind that thinner chains tend to break faster than thicker options.

Size: 8 inches | Material: 14k yellow gold | Closure type: folding clasp | Broad: 0.33 inches

The Brilliant Earth ID Bracelet is a true statement maker and conversation starter. It features beveled links and a bar that can be engraved with your name or initials. The style is substantial so you don’t have to stack it – this bracelet will stand out on its own.

Tom Ford wrap bracelet in braided leather and gold plated

Sizes: M to L | Material: Leather, gold-plated brass | Closure: T-Closure | Broad: 0.8 inch

Easy to dress up or down, the Tom Ford Woven Leather Strap has been made in Italy from durable leather that’s built to last and only looks better with age. This design features a discreet TF logo and is available in black and dark brown leather.

Miansai Orson looped leather bracelet in sterling silver

Sizes: S to L | Materials: leather, sterling silver, rhodium | Type of closure: T-bar closure | Broad: 4.5mm

Founded in 2008, Miansai began creating minimalist jewelry for men. The pieces are crafted from refined raw materials and have a sturdy edge. The leather bracelets are particularly stylish and made of high-quality materials and are also affordable.

Sizes: 8.5 inch | Materials: 14k Yellow Gold, 14k White Gold, Sterling Silver | Closure type: Claw Clasp | Broad: 0.13mm

A popular style that is timeless, the chain bracelet belongs in every man’s collection. It goes with everything from casual to formal looks, and Brilliant Earth’s design is made from sustainably sourced 14k gold that won’t tarnish or rust over time. Just keep in mind that the bracelet only comes in one standard size (8.5 inches).

Le Gramme men’s bracelet in 21g brushed sterling silver

Sizes: S to L | Material: sterling silver | Closure type: No | Broad: 0.7 to 0.8 mm

Named after the unit of measurement used to indicate the weight of each piece, Le Gramme specializes in ethically sourced silver bracelets with a minimalist, sophisticated design. This brushed silver cuff weighs 21 grams and comes in a felt and leather storage pouch for you to keep polished and clean.

Sizes: 6.5 to 8 inches | Materials: Black Agate, Sterling Silver | Closure type: screw cap | Broad: 4mm

Beaded bracelets can look slightly strandy or a bit New Age if not done right. With its slender agate beads and sterling silver accents, Mejuri’s minimalist design strikes the right balance between sophisticated and relaxed. It is also affordable and can be stacked or layered with other bracelets.

Paul Smith woven leather strap

Sizes: 8.3 inch | Material: leather, copper, zinc | Type of closure: magnetic closure | Broad: 0.2 inches

If you thought magnetic bracelets were cheap, this version by Paul Smith will change your mind: Crafted from richly braided leather, the bracelet has a heavy copper and zinc clasp that snaps together easily, eliminating the need to put on and take off. This bracelet is available in black as well as a bolder multicolored version.

What you should pay attention to when buying a men’s bracelet

size and style

There are no hard and fast rules, but think about which bracelets are the most comfortable for you to wear every day. “Measure your wrist size and choose a bracelet that’s about half an inch larger, or a full inch larger if you want a little more play,” says fashion writer and strategist Stephen Millioti. Then weigh your style options: do you want an open cuff that’s easy to slip on and off, or a closed chain that stays in place when you’re active and on-the-go?


Similar to clothing, the material of the bracelet is an important factor when making a purchase. “Invest in a good gold or silver bracelet that will stand the test of time,” says Milioti. Also examine the clasp closely. “Make sure it’s strong and secure, and for a more expensive item, ask for repair or replacement policies,” advises Miliot. Additionally, it helps to look for options that have lasting power and don’t have gimmicky aesthetics, Peele suggests. “Personally, I wear a David Yurman twisted cable cuff bracelet every day. It’s made from sterling silver with 18k yellow gold caps and can elevate any outfit.”


This is probably the most important consideration. Do you plan to wear your bracelet alone or combine it with others? Based on this answer, you could go for a thicker, chunkier style or a sleek and minimalist style. Also consider whether your bracelet is only for special occasions, in which case it can be more elegant and bold, or more for everyday wear with a relaxed, easy-going style. “Remember, your wrist should be talking to you,” Milioti says.

What is the best bracelet size to buy?

“Almost any bracelet can do two things when it comes to dressing up or dressing down,” says Peele. However, the most versatile width is three to four millimeters, as it creates a minimalist and tailored look, Peele finds.

How do you stack or style your bracelets?

Here’s a simple formula: Pair a metal chain with a beaded bracelet and a braided leather bracelet: These three styles always look good together as they offer an interesting mix of metals, textures and colors, Milioti explains. To shake up your look but not be too messy, stick to a coherent color theme: think all yellow gold or black bracelets (with a pearl bracelet and a leather strap, for example). Have a visual plan, then experiment a little to see what suits you best.

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