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NEW ENGLAND – Whether you like it plain, with toppings, or loaded with cheese and gravy, burgers are a classic American food that most people enjoy enjoying.

You can find a good burger anywhere in the United States, but sometimes the best places are little, hidden gems that nobody knows about.

Cheapism, a website dedicated to finding the best products and services at the very best prices, recently published a list of the best hole-in-the-wall burger joints in each state. These burger joints might not be the prettiest or the most glamorous, but you’ll get a fantastic, inexpensive burger at any one of them.

In Massachusetts, White Hut was named a bucket list restaurant in Springfield. This white shack has been spinning burgers since 1939 with no sign of slowing down.

“The beef falls apart thin and the buns are soft and lightly grilled on top to preserve texture. Keep these classics simple with cheese and grilled onions,” Cheapism said of White Hut.

In New Hampshire, Papa Joe’s Humble Kitchen in Milford was recognized for its fresh bucket list burgers.

‘Skip’s Cardiac Burger is a massive mix of buffalo and Cajun sauce-seasoned patties, salami, cheese, onion rings, bacon and Creole mayonnaise. If that’s not your style, keep an eye out for unique weekly burger specials in this humble setting,” Cheapism said of Papa Joe’s

In Vermont, The Shopping Bag has earned the top spot in Burlington.

“They know everything is fresh because it’s the same stuff they sell. There’s no dining area and you order in one place and pay in another, but it doesn’t matter if you bite into one of their half-pound beauties once,” Cheapism said of The Shopping Bag.

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Harmon’s Lunch took the top spot in Maine. This little roadside stand in Falmouth makes small and inexpensive burgers as they have done since they opened in 1960.

“Load them with sweet red relish, mustard and fried onions. There are only about half a dozen tables, so eat up and be on your way after a perfect pit stop,” said Cheapism of Harmon’s Lunch.

In Rhode Island, Crazy Burger lives up to its name in Narragansett.

“With ingredients like sesame wasabi rub, brie cheese, and a burger that’s cooked like a quesadilla in a tortilla,” these burgers are nothing but simple.

Finally, in Connecticut, Louis Lunch in New Haven is the “holy grail” of burger joints. Known for their hamburger sandwich, which has been made the same way since the 1900s.

“The interior is still worn (and graffitied) dark wood, and the burgers are still made in the same vertical roast chickens. The beef is cooked medium and then placed on toasted slices of white bread with cheese, tomato and onion options,” Cheapism said of Louis Lunch.

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