Best New Menswear Releases This Week, August 19, 2022

Tiffany lock bracelet


My journey is over. For a few months now I’ve been telling you about my home renovations, from the beginning to the choice of color for my walls. I had some loose ends to take care of last week, but today I can finally close the book on becoming Bob Vila. I’ve been through a number of projects throughout my life – some long, some short, some rewarding and some not so much. But this latest venture was life-changing. It was an experience like no other, one that pushed me, one that taught me lessons I didn’t know I needed, one that undoubtedly made me better.

I firmly believe that regardless of age and experience, there is always room for growth. This feeling definitely applies to your personal style. For over a year I’ve been praising the benefits of thinking outside the box and trying something different. Follow the prescribed rules if you have to, but leave room for experimentation. Don’t be afraid to covet jewelry—like Tiffany & Co’s new Lock bracelet. Don’t forget to wear shorts, especially those from Tracksmith and Puma. Don’t shy away from the floral embroidery on Noah and Minnetonka’s moccasins, or the chic – yes, chic – saddle bag from Christian Dior.

As one of the style gurus here at esquire, I have done my best to bring you, dear reader, the best of the best in fashion and personal care, all the things that will help you on your own path of personal or professional growth. And with this entry, my last in the house Esky built, I encourage you to keep trying, keep learning. I fucking did.

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Tiffany Lock bangle in yellow gold

Saddlebag “Christian Dior 1947”.

Star Wars Collection II (4-pack)

Customs authentic sneaker

Rowing Blazer x 19th hole

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