Best Nursery Rugs 2022

There’s something about putting the rug in a room that makes it complete, doesn’t it? So after you’ve ordered the perfect crib or toddler bed, installed the right sliders, hung the decorations, and organized toys in bins and baskets, it’s time to choose among the best nursery rugs.

Rugs provide practical protection and cushioning for children and babies who spend so much time on the floor crawling, sitting and playing on all fours. Like wallpaper or paint but without the physical labor involved, rugs also bring a dose of colour, punch or whimsy to your child’s space.

In addition, a colorful patterned floor covering is perfect for hiding stains, scratches and stains that can be inevitable with children. Even better if the piece itself is easily washable, as many are these days. To help you find the best nursery rugs for your child’s bedroom or even playroom, we’ve rounded up our most popular fun yet durable options that are perfect for kids.

Overall the best children’s room carpet

A washable high pile carpet

Available sizes: 2×3; 3×5; 4×6; 5×7; 6 x 9 feet | Material: 100% polyester

Everyone loves a fluffy shag rug, but fluffy floor coverings are often a no-go for a nursery area where juice, Play-Doh, and a multitude of cracker crumbs end up all over the floor. But this rugged is 100% machine washable. The popular washable rug brand recently launched their collection of shag rugs and they are beautiful. These ultra-soft rugs are lint free, can be thrown in the washing machine for easy cleaning and come in four colors including Heron White, Antique Ivory, Soft Pink and Light Grey.

Best stylish nursery carpet

The tassels really take it up a notch

Sizes: 4×6; 5 x 8 feet | Material: 100% cotton

This stylish black and white rug with a timeless zigzag design would look just as good in a girl’s or boy’s room. The tassel detail with tiny pom poms adds an upscale touch often found in luxe designs. But unlike other fancy rugs, this one is machine washable. Just toss it in the wash when it needs a scrub, making it the perfect choice for a child’s bedroom.

Best Pink Nursery Rug

A sophisticated blush that is not overdone


Dimensions: 5-foot round | Material: 100% cotton

If you want one of Nestig’s magical and cheerful floorings, act fast. The rugs come in happy motifs (think dreamy seashells, rainbows and clouds) and sweet, happy hues – and they sell out fast. It makes perfect sense considering these special creations are handcrafted by artisans using non-toxic dyes and soft organic cotton. In addition, they are machine washable.

Best nursery rug for animal lovers

Prepare for a lot of roar

Dimensions: 5-foot round | Materials: 100% wool

Your animal lover will be obsessed with this eye-catching rug featuring wild cats in a rainbow of fun colors. The hand-tufted wool rug is soft and has a shorter pile, making it perfect for nurseries.

Preferably Neutral Nursery carpet

But there is so much texture and detail

Sizes: 2×3; 3×5; 5×8; 8×10; 9×12; 10×14; 12 x 15 feet | Materials: 90% wool, 10% cotton

Mother-of-two and designer Sarah Sherman Samuels’ creations are stylish and sophisticated, but wouldn’t look out of place in a home with kids. Take your ivory-colored Arches rug: made of wool and with a rainbow-like design, the cute piece looks just as good in the children’s room or children’s room as in the living room or bathroom. Other cool details: the high-low pile height adds texture and visual interest, and the pretty fringed edging adds a special touch. Get yours now while stocks last.

Best Interactive Nursery Carpet

A richly textured rug with nature motifs

Size: 4 x 5 feet three inches | Materials: 97% cotton, 3% other fibers

Lorena Canals has been making carefully designed decorations for children’s rooms for 25 years, using the best raw materials and natural dyes. Your creations fire the imagination: take this Path of Nature playmat, for example. Thanks to its rich textures, details and colors inspired by nature, the flooring resembles a rugged landscape with a river, trees and a winding path that could keep a child busy with imaginative play for hours. Best of all, just toss it in the machine to wash after a particularly messy play date.

Best Affordable Nursery Rug

Install Instant Cozy Vibes with sheepskin

Sizes: 19 x 30 inches (small); 24 x 42 inches (large) | Material: Sheepskin from Argentina (small) and Ireland (large)

Thrown over a chair or laid out in front of a crib or changing station, a small sheepskin rug adds a layer of warmth, luxury and coziness to any nursery or room. The ethical versions of The Citizenry hail from Ireland and Argentina and are a by-product of the meat industry.

Best nursery rug

This one is perfect for the maximalist

Sizes: 2×3; 3×5; 2.5×9; 5×8; 8×10; 9 x 12 feet | Material: Tufted Wool

These cheeky kittens are sure to brighten up your child’s room. Designed by graphic artist Marcello Velho, known for his bold colors and bold shapes, the rug will command attention in any room. The rich green background adds coziness to the otherwise vibrant and playful rug. And with a pricey rug price tag of nearly $1500 for an 8 x 10, it’s a good thing the whimsical rug easily transitions into a teenage or adult bedroom.

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