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STANFORD, CA. – Winner of three consecutive national titles, Stanford Men’s Gymnastics added a fourth consecutive College Gymnastics Association National Academic Team Championship. The academic team title is the 10th for the Cardinal since the team award was introduced in 1991. Stanford managed a team GPA of 3,533 to capture the top honor.

This year marks the fifth time in history that a program has received both the national title and the academic title — with Stanford achieving the feat four times (2009, 2019, 2021, 2022). Michigan also won both ends of the championship in 2010.

William & Mary was second, Michigan took third place. Springfield and Illinois finished fourth and fifth, respectively, with California, Ohio State, Nebraska, Navy and Army West Point rounding out the top 10. The College Gymnastics Association’s top 10 academic teams for men’s gymnastics are:

  1. Stanford—3,533
  2. William & Mary—3,453
  3. Michigan-3,452
  4. Springfield—3,416
  5. Illinois—3,253
  6. California – 3.21
  7. Ohio State – 3,180
  8. Nebraska—3,170
  9. Navy – 3,168
  10. Army West Point – 3,112

Award: Oklahoma, Air Force, Penn State

The CGA also recognized 97 individual gymnasts as 2022 First Team All-America Scholar Athletes for achieving a GPA of 3.5 or higher and 41 Second Team All-America Scholar athletes for achieving a GPA of between 3.499 and 3.2 .

First team
4.0 grade point average: Michael Artlip, Pennsylvania; Andrew Brower, Ohio State; Ian Dinmore, Navy; Chris Osgood, Stanford

3.999-3.90 grade point average: Markus Berlaga, Stanford; Alan Camillus, Oklahoma; JR Chou, Stanford; Casey Cummings, Michigan; Aleksandr Kuzmenchuk, William & Mary; Ian Lasic-Ellis, Michigan; Will Lavanakul, California-Berkeley; Vishal Mandava, Navy; Moritz Muller, Nebraska; Sam Phillips, Nebraska; Dominic Ramalho, Springfield; Matthew Rosendahl, Navy; Blake sun, Stanford; Christian Wilkey, Springfield; David Willett, Michigan; Dylan Young

3,899-3.80 grade point average: Arthur Ashton, Ohio State; Malcolm Baytop, William & Mary; Joseph Buselmeier, Army West Point; Andrae Butler, Springfield; Dylan Colangelo, Springfield; Aidan Cuy, William & Mary; Maksim Farkhadau, Illinois; Alan Gerdov, Mich.; Ian Gunther, Stanford; Donovan Hewitt, Ohio State; Chris Hiser, Nebraska; Yan Owner-Courchesne, Illinois; Jonathan Irwin, William & Mary; Paul Judah, Michigan; Kyle Lukasko, Springfield; Eric Lung, Pennsylvania; Connor McCool, Illinois; Luke McFarlandStanford; Curran Phillips, Stanford; Rithik Puri, Michigan; Jadon Roberson, Ohio State; Tyler Rockwood, Ohio State; Dexter Rottker, Ohio State; Kyle Shuttle, Mich.; Nate Warren, Pennsylvania; William Welsby, Springfield

3,799-3.70 grade point average: Matthew Browne, Springfield; Charles Kramer, Springfield; Riley Loos, Stanford; Nick Mock, Pennsylvania; Bryan Perla, Stanford; Daniel Simmons, Oklahoma; Connor van Loo, Navy; Virgil Watkins, Michigan

3,699-3.60 grade point average: Harrison Andary, Ohio State; Patrick Armstrong, Army West Point; Jake Bonnay, Nebraska; Noah Dhaliwal, Springfield; David Handron, Springfield; Kalvin Kingshill, Army West Point; Dylan Kolak, Illinois; Yu-Chen Lee, California-Berkeley; Evan Manivong, Illinois; Logan McGlynn; Charlie Miles, Air Force; Lais Najjar, Michigan; Cameron Nelson, Ohio State; Brandon Nguyen, Stanford; Samuel Piper, William & Mary; Jackson Pophal, Army West Point; Colin Stenger, Michigan; Colt WalkerStanford

3,599-3.50 GPA: Javier Alfonso, Michigan; Beckett Anderson, Air Force; Andrew Bitter, Stanford; Syam Buradagunta, Navy; Casimir Buske, Navy; Curtis Chang, Ohio State; Taylor Christopulos, Nebraska; Emre Dodanli, Oklahoma; Eric Engelke, Navy; Noah Everett, Air Force; Michael Fletcher, Illinois; Aidan Giusti, California-Berkeley; Dillan King, Nebraska; Nick Kuebler, Stanford; Samuel Lee, William & Mary; Thomas Lee, Stanford; Christian Marsh, William & Mary; Clay Mason-Stephen, Illinois; Miles Miller, Michigan; Zachary Patrick, William & Mary; Christopher Scales, California-Berkeley; Derek Schlagenhauf, Penn State; Matt Szot, Stanford; Jesse Tyndall, Ohio State; Joshua Williams, Navy

second team
3.499-3.40 grade point average: Hamish Carter, Illinois; Josh Cook, Illinois; Alex Fitzgerald, Springfield; Felix Kriedemann, Springfield; Evan Kriley, Nebraska; Dylan LeClair, Nebraska; Dhiren Lucthman, Navy; Hunter Mamawal, Army West Point; Logan McKeown, Michigan; Colton O’Brien, Springfield; Christopher Reed, Michigan; Reid Ross, William & Mary; Tyler Shimizu, California-Berkeley; Ian Skirkey, Illinois; Timothy Templeton, Springfield; Blake Wilson, Stanford; Landon Wu, California-Berkeley

3.399-3.30 grade point average: Cred Bold, Michigan; Joshua Corona, Oklahoma; Cooper Giles, Nebraska; Christian Gulotta, William & Mary; Khalil Jackson, Nebraska; Tomohiro Kawada, Ohio State; Angel Leon, Ohio State; Steven Lukasik, Michigan; Mitchell Monahan, Army West Point; Noah Sano, California-Berkeley; Markus Shears, Michigan; Edward Yao, Michigan

3.299-3.20 grade point average: Alexander Brown, Navy; Liam Doherty-Herwitz, Nebraska; Brigham Frentheway, Oklahoma; Juan Gomez, Springfield; Sabastian Gordon, Navy; Cesar Grace, Oklahoma; Brody Malone, Stanford; Noah Newfeld, California-Berkeley; David Pochinka, Illinois; Robbie Shamp, Pennsylvania; Oliver Zavel, Air Force

Seven gymnasts were named First Team Academic All-America Scholar-Athletes by the College Gymnastics Association for all four years of eligibility: Andrew Brower, Ohio State; Curtis Chang, Ohio State; Kyle Lukasko, Springfield; Clay Mason-Stephens, Illinois; Chris Osgood, Stanford; Dexter Rottker, Ohio State; Christian Wilkey, Springfield

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