Best Pictures As Venice Carnival Kicks Off

Venice Carnival 2023 officially began on February 4th with a light-filled night parade down the Grand Canal.

Over the next two weeks, the floating city turns into one big, spectacular party, with costumed revelers posing in the plazas, street theater performances, and dozens of events.

The festival attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors to Venice every year.

This edition is titled Make Time for the Primal Signs and was inspired by the signs of the zodiac.

Here are some of the best images so far from one of the most lavish carnivals in the world.

The event began with a barge decorated with lights transporting actors and artists along the Grand Canal.

Thousands gathered on bridges and jetties to see the parade’s fire shows and exotic costumes, dubbed “Original Dreamers.”

Another water cavalcade took place on February 5 with hundreds of rowers in elaborate costumes on traditional boats.

The protagonist of the parade was a 7 meter long papier-mâché rat known as Pantegana.

Revelers in splendid carnival costumes posed for photos in the streets.

Bakeries have started making indulgent carnival pastries such as friesround fried donuts filled with raisins or cream.

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