Best practices to secure application approvals from the Alberta Energy Regulator

A new regulatory course will help those applying to operate pipelines, wells and facilities in Alberta’s oil and gas sector avoid common mistakes and maximize approval of AER applications.

Led by three regulatory experts – Alanda Allum, Mark Taylor and Rob Cruickshank – the upcoming Guideline 56 course on April 18 will focus on the processes and common mistakes when submitting applications through the online portal OneStop.

Allum said the course aims to help licensees avoid resubmissions, rejections and potential concerns about applications. Guideline 56 has many tools, rules and processes, but there are other areas where they need additional approvals or licenses from government agencies, she added.

“It’s a very complex system and for someone who’s just getting into the oil and gas industry and who might have to apply, it can be overwhelming,” Allum said. “This course will help them understand Guideline 56 and think about other government agencies and some of the other processes.”

The three trainers, all former AER executives, will answer general questions about the important processes related to the participation of the participants before submitting the application, in order to avoid an application being rejected or possible enforcement for improper implementation of the personal consultation,” Allum said.

This course is essential for oil and gas operators looking to overcome regulatory hurdles and streamline the application process. The team will also consider what should be included in an exam pack and the importance of having one.

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Allum said the expectation was that the licensee would have this information readily available, but that is currently not the case. She said this could lead to delays and potential non-conformities that could bring them up on the AER compliance dashboard if publicly traded.

“It’s a common mistake not to create the right exam package at the time of submission,” Allum said. “We will work through what companies should prepare at the time of application. We will go through an appropriate program of participant engagement and explain why this is important and how this can avoid raising concerns about their applications.”

The course will walk through the steps of not only submitting the license application but also what to expect next – including realistic AER timelines.

A person who completes the course will leave feeling fully equipped and confident that they will not suffer additional delays in a process, Allum said.

Important Course Benefits

  • Operators will acquire critical skills to successfully compete for license drilling and to construct and operate pipelines and facilities in Alberta
  • The operators get to know the most important approaches for efficient navigation in the processes of the Alberta Energy Regulator
  • Operators will understand changes to the OneStop application, the AER’s online portal

course souvenirs

  • Understand the key regulatory changes affecting well, pipeline and facility licensing
  • Understand the best practices to navigate and obtain approvals from the Alberta Energy Regulator
  • Gain valuable insights into the interconnectedness of the numerous regulatory instruments of the AER

Sign up today to receive one hour free consultation with one of the three instructors before or after the live event. All course materials are available to those who register before and after the live event date.

Register here.

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