Best Star Abilities For Quarterbacks

Madden’s return could be seen as an annual holiday for football enthusiasts. Madden 23 offers the same popular game modes and dynamic gameplay that fans should be used to. The late John Madden, Hall of Fame coach of the Oakland Raiders, graces the cover one last time.

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Regardless of which mode you play, competent quarterback play is essential to success. Star Skills are special attributes that can take a player’s performance to the next level. There are many different skillsets among NFL signal callers, but few stand out above the rest. We analyze the best star skills for quarterbacks in Madden 23.


10 Fast drawing

Quarterbacks don’t have much time before they have to make a decision. Whether it’s lightning fast defense or terrible offensive line play, players need to be able to let go quickly. Being able to throw the ball a split second sooner could mean the difference between moving the chains and taking a sack.

The Quick Draw ability gives passers under pressure a faster pass animation. Players like Matthew Stafford endured all kinds of coercion while playing for the Detroit Lions. He developed a faster throwing motion as his offensive line collapsed around him. A team can only be successful as a quarterback, and Quick Draw ensures you at least have an opportunity to make a game.

9 Stormy Deadeye

When the pocket collapses, quarterbacks have only two choices: take the sack or make a play. Being able to escape a collapsing bag and throw while escaping can turn a negative play into a positive play. Dashing Deadeye gives quarterbacks the upper hand and tries to extend plays outside of the pocket.

Aside from high and low throws, quarterbacks with the Dashing Deadeye ability have perfect accuracy on all throws up to 40 yards while running outside the pocket. During Kyler Murray’s three-year career, the Arizona Cardinals’ poor offensive play saw him play outside the pocket many times. When escaping to the outside, look for short stretches through your running back or medium-oblique stretches through your tight end toward the flats.

8th Brave scrambler

Being a quarterback against Aaron Donald or Myles Garrett is tough and always running for your life. And if you’re climbing, you’re probably a bit confused. The Gutsy Scrambler ability grants passers immunity to throwing penalties when on the run and under pressure from defenses.

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Having a quarterback mobile enough to get out of the pocket quickly and still try to move the ball down is crucial on an offense. Dak Prescott and Russell Wilson specialize in being elusive in the bag and managing to expand the game to the outside.

7 Adjust the foot guide

Some quarterbacks rely on accuracy, some rely on power. Passers-by with big arms will force the ball into narrow windows and take advantage of bullet precision in play. The Set Feet Lead ability takes power throwers to the next level.

A quarterback with the Set Feet Lead skill increases their overall shooting power on precision ball passes. Now these passes must be made with feet up, so this ability won’t take effect if you’re throwing while running. High and low specific throws are also unaffected by this ability.

6 Sideline Deadeye

Being able to complete shots on the touchline is an art that really takes a quarterback to the next level. Guys like Aaron Rodgers and Joe Burrow are experts at putting the ball out of defender’s reach and into a receiver’s breadbasket.

The Sideline Deadeye ability gives passers perfect accuracy on all throws (except high or low throws) on the outside of the field. Receivers with quick releases can hit their defender down the line on the line of scrimmage, creating a great downfield opportunity.

5 Close out

A stifling defensive secondary can be a nightmare for quarterbacks. Cornerbacks block your receivers, even the linebackers choke your running back in the flats. That leaves your trusty tight end as your security blanket.

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The Tight Out ability improves tight ends’ catch ratings in open-pass plays. While tight ends aren’t the focus of most offenses, they can be the most reliable. But for some quarterbacks like Lamar Jackson, a star pass catcher at the tight end position like Mark Andrews makes tight-out ability essential to a successful offense.

4 long-distance deadeye

Successful quarterbacks must be able to stretch defensive secondaries and air downfield. Throwing passes at medium and short ranges might be safer and more conservative to drive more methodically across the field, but a deep shot can add layers to an offense. Having a quarterback with the Long Range Deadeye ability definitely unlocks offense.

The Long Range Deadeye ability rewards passers with perfect accuracy on all deep, footed casts. Well, quarterbacks who have this ability can only be successful if they have a solid offensive line. Deep routes take a little time to develop, so a strong line and receivers with a quick release from the line of scrimmage are paramount to the success of this skill.

3 come back

Being an NFL quarterback requires a calm demeanor, especially when your team is behind in a game. No matter what the result, no matter how far behind you are, true winners find a way to turn the tables and lead their team to victory.

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When playing from behind, the Comeback ability allows players to simply enter the zone to activate their Superstar X-Factor. Pairing the comeback ability with an X-Factor like Bazooka in Patrick Mahomes can be a deadly combo that ignites an offense.

2 Fearless

Staying posed while the defense comes at you in the pocket takes a tremendous amount of courage. You see a massive human looking frantically to attack you and your first instinct is probably to fall into the fetal position. Well, not when you have a quarterback with the fearless ability.

With their feet in the pocket, quarterbacks with this ability are immune to throw penalties when under defensive pressure. Quarterbacks under defensive pressure typically throw inaccurate passes that are either incomplete or fall into a defender’s hands. This ability will reduce those wild passes, which in turn should lead to more first downs and fewer turnovers.

1 Red zone deadeye

“The best defense is a good offense.” Famous words that have echoed throughout history emphasize high offensive power. When teams are in the red zone, the window of opportunity for success shrinks significantly, and having a quarterback capable of scoring a touchdown rather than settling for a field goal can make all the difference to to win the game.

Passers with the Red Zone Deadeye ability have perfect accuracy on all unpressurized throws when their team is inside the red zone. Quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes are laser-focused in the red zone and are quick to deliver strikes to open receivers. Since it’s important to convert where it matters most, Red Zone Deadeye is the best star ability for quarterbacks in Madden 23.

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