Best Strapless Bras 2023

Strapless bras aren’t an everyday staple. But when the occasion or outfit calls for one, the best strapless bras are comfortable, supportive and nearly impossible to see under your clothing. After all, nothing is more annoying than wearing a bra you constantly have to adjust or one that digs into your skin and doesn’t lay smooth and flat.

To determine the best strapless bras, I considered dozens of options on the market, read reviews and consulted a lingerie design expert and professional bra fitters on the most important features that create a superior bra. From there, I assembled a panel of five women, including myself, with various body types and bra sizes, ranging from 32C to 34DDD, and we rigorously tested five strapless bras. Only two bras passed all the tests and fully met our exacting standards. The Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless Underwire Bra won for the best overall, and the Pour Moi St Tropez Strapless Bra is the best affordable option. Ahead, you’ll find what makes these bras outperform all others as well as some expert advice on choosing the best strapless bra for you.

My Expertise

I’ve been wearing bras since the sixth grade, and I first experimented with a strapless one for my high school prom (sadly, it was a disaster). The band didn’t fit properly, and I still have vivid memories of the bra inching and sliding down my torso as I danced. In the years since, I haven’t found a secure, well-fitting strapless bra that I could confidently recommend to others.

For this article, I sought advice from five veteran bra experts, including: Laura Henny, owner of the Rack Shack, a lingerie store in Brooklyn; Iris Clarke, founder and owner of Iris Lingerie, also in Brooklyn; Caralyn Mirand Koch, model, undergarment expert and founder of the #ProperlyFittingBraClub; Preeti Arya, assistant professor of textile development and marketing at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York; and Holly Powell, owner of the Pencil Test, a bra store in Portland, Oregon and Renton, Washington.

How I Tested The Best Strapless Bras

First, Henny conducted professional fittings to determine the bra size for every woman in our panel, either in person or via Zoom. Once testers received their strapless bras, they evaluated each of the five contenders over the course of 2 weeks, assessing them on the specific criteria outlined below. The winning bras scored the highest marks across all the following categories.

Fit: Testers evaluated the fit using four tests approved by our experts. They assessed whether the band stayed in place while twisting their torso and moving their arms up and down three times; whether the cups conformed to the curve of their breasts without gaping or causing spillover; whether their breasts stayed in the cups when they bent over once; and whether the middle of the bra rested flat against their breastbone.

Comfort: Testers evaluated each bra’s comfort via four tests: whether the underwire or seams poked into their breast tissue; whether the fabric felt itchy, stiff or uncomfortable in any way; how many times they had to adjust the bra over the course of a day; and how comfortable the bra felt after wearing it all day. The most comfortable bras had soft fabric, didn’t poke into breast tissue, required minimal adjustments and felt good to wear for hours on end.

Aesthetics: For this criterion, testers wore each bra underneath a thin shirt and assessed in a mirror whether they could see the bra through the shirt. Bras that were not visible scored higher than bras that showed through clothing.

Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless Underwire Bra

Sizes: 30B – 44I | Colors: Roebuck, Sand, Black, Brush | Underwire: Yes | Removable Straps: Yes | Return Policy: Free returns within 60 days

Best For:

  • All-day comfort
  • Body-skimming attire that requires a perfectly fitting bra design
  • A wide variety of sizes and a versatile design that includes removable straps

Skip If:

  • You’re on a budget
  • You prefer a wireless bra

Made with underwire and smooth foam cups, irritation-free silicone and a comfortable band, the Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless Underwire Bra has a second-skin feel. Of the five bras tested, this was the only one that consistently stayed in place as testers twisted their torsos and raised their arms up and down multiple times. Panelists also made minimal adjustments while wearing the Wacoal for a full day—the most adjustments any tester made was four, compared to other bras that reviewers fiddled with 15-plus times. In addition, four of the five testers rated this bra an 8 or above for comfort on a 1 to 10 scale, with 1 being the least comfortable and 10 being the most. That earned the Wacoal the title of most comfortable bra among those tested. Moreover, four of five reviewers found it was not visible underneath a thin shirt, earning it a strong score on the aesthetics test. Overall, panelists raved about this bra, sharing feedback like:

“This is the most comfortable strapless bra that I’ve ever worn, hands down,” said the size 34D tester. “It has a great fit overall; I wore it with a strapless dress on vacation, and not once did I want to rip it off,” commented a size 32C tester. Our size 34DDD tester found the Wacoal had a “good and supportive fit” and that the versatile black color matched a lot of outfits without peeking or showing through more transparent materials. As a bonus, she added, you can convert this to a traditional bra with “straps that look great, too.”

Pour Moi St Tropez Strapless Bra

Sizes: 30B – 38I | Colors: Black, Oyster | Underwire: Yes | Removable Straps: Yes | Return Policy: Free returns within 30 days

Best For:

  • Staying securely in place all day
  • Those on a budget
  • Barely detectable underwire design with a smoothing aesthetic

Skip If:

  • You’re extra sensitive to the feel of a tight band

The Pour Moi St Tropez Strapless Bra has similar features to higher-end bras—including softly molded foam cups—but costs significantly less than all the others we tested. It’s about $40, compared to $72 for the Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless Underwire Bra. The Pour Moi also received fairly high marks in the fit and comfort categories. Out of the five bras tested, reviewers adjusted the Pour Moi the least amount of times during the day: an average of once only. And most testers found it reasonably comfortable, with two reviewers giving it a comfort score of 7 out of 10. Additionally, the bra passed the aesthetics tests for all reviewers: No one could see it underneath a thin shirt. Here’s what testers had to say about this bra: “It was so comfortable,” said the size 34D tester. “I wore it on a walk down Fifth Avenue to see the windows and the Rockefeller Center tree, to lunch, to a birthday party at a brewery, on the subway, in a taxi, to lunch—it never gave me any issue at all.” Another tester, who wears a size 30D, found that the Pour Moi fits “really well—the band felt snug and secure, and the cups matched my breast shape well.”

Other Products Tested

We tested three other products that didn’t make the cut.

Cosabella Evolution Strapless Bra: Though testers loved this bra’s silky-soft polyamide-elastane fabric, it failed to remain in place for four out of five reviewers as they performed basic movements. In addition, the cups didn’t fit three testers, leading to spillover. Because of its lackluster fit, reviewers had to adjust this bra an average of 12 times during the day—the most adjustments of any bra tested.

ThirdLove 24/7 Classic Strapless Bra: ThirdLove is a raved-about internet lingerie brand, but the testers found this bra to be uncomfortable due to the too-tight band and the metal underwiring that dug into their sides. On a comfort scale of 1 to 10, this bra received an average score of 4.2, making it a firm “no” in our book.

Parfait Elissa Bustier Strapless Bra: The majority of testers liked the look of this longline-style bra—describing it as “cool” and “sexy”—but the aesthetics weren’t enough to override the ill-fitting cone-shaped cups, itchy fabric and fact that reviewers had to adjust it an average of eight times over the course of a day.

How To Pick A Strapless Bra

Above all, make sure you buy a strapless bra in the correct size. “You cannot get a strapless bra to work unless you get the right size, and the vast majority of bra wearers are in the wrong size,” says Holly Powell of the Pencil Test.

Your bra size can fluctuate throughout your life, so if you haven’t gotten measured in a while, consider getting professionally refitted. An in-person bra fitting is best, but if you don’t have a reputable bra fitter in your area, try this online calculator, says Powell. It’s not a substitute for a hands-on session, but it can give you a good general sense of your sizing range. Another option, per undergarment expert Caralyn Mirand Koch, is a virtual fitting with a fit-focused retailer, such as Bravissimo.

Once you’ve nailed down your size, consider the following criteria when choosing strapless bras.


Proper fit is paramount. If a strapless bra doesn’t fit well, then it won’t support your breasts properly, says Powell. Because sizes can vary across brands, it’s important to note how a strapless bra conforms to your individual body, instead of assuming a bra is an automatic fit just because it’s your typical size. The following criteria, from Koch, can help determine if your strapless bra fits: The center of the bra should rest flat against your sternum, the side wire should sit behind all your breast tissue (not on top of it) and the band should be snug but not constricting. If a strapless bra doesn’t meet these criteria, then you’re in the wrong size.


Pay attention to how the bra’s fabric feels against your skin. If it’s itchy, scratchy or otherwise uncomfortable when you try it on, then it’s probably not going to feel good after wearing it for hours. As for what fabrics are best? “That is a personal choice,” says Preeti Arya, assistant professor of textile development and marketing at the Fashion Institute of Technology. “Some people prefer petroleum fiber in combination with spandex, and some may look for natural fibers.” Strapless bras and most other bras fall into the former category, she explains. Petroleum fiber in a bra can wick moisture and is easy to produce and maintain. By contrast, bras made with natural fiber/spandex are comfortable but not very popular; this fabric combination is absorbent and may not dry as easily as the petroleum/spandex bra would, Arya explains.

Koch, for her part, doesn’t pay attention to fabric as much as she does fit and how the bra looks underneath the clothing she’s planning to wear it with.

Separately, make sure the wiring isn’t poking into your breast tissue, says Laura Henny, owner of the Rack Shack, since “over time, that will be uncomfortable.” Lastly, keep in mind that because strapless bras are supposed to fit snugly in the band, they likely won’t match the comfortable level of a t-shirt bra or less-supportive design.


The reason many people wear strapless bras is because they don’t want their bra straps or cups to be visible with their outfit. So when trying on options, pay attention to how noticeable each design looks under clothing. If you can easily see the bra underneath your top or dress, then it’s probably not a great addition to your lingerie drawer.

Readers’ Choice: More Of The Best Strapless Bras

While we didn’t test these picks, the strapless bras here are popular with readers and other experts. If you’re looking for more options, these strapless bras might also be worth considering.

Cosabella Sicilia Removable Strapless Bra

“This is my all time favorite strapless bra,” says Los Angeles-based fashion stylist and consultant Victoria de la Fuente. “The boning helps keep everything in place, it’s super flattering on most sizes, from AA to DD, and it has a low back, so it’s perfect for barely-there dresses and tops.” The Italian lingerie brand even offers online fit appointments on its website that take just 20 minutes and can be scheduled for specific time windows. If you’d like a non-lace version, the Marni Strapless Bra is another excellent choice.

Spanx Up For Anything Strapless Bra


“Spanx knows what they are doing,” says de la Fuente of the shapewear line’s bestselling strapless push-up bra. “It’s the most comfortable, barely-there bra with the right amount of push to make everything look as it’s supposed to.” Designed to be featherlight, it’s also “made out of patented fabric that won’t require you to constantly readjust,” and, de la Fuente adds, “it’s dancing approved.” This popular pick often sells out in certain sizes, but you can find it in stock at Zappos, too.

Lively No-Wire Strapless Umber

As a new mom, de la Fuente understands the need for a strapless bra that does the job at any size—and looks good styled under a white button down. Lively’s No-Wire strapless is “the best supporting bra that is the opposite of matronly and will not make you look like you have a uniboob, which seems like mission impossible when you are DD or up in size,” she says. With a modern fit and multiple colorways, she calls this a “bra that can hold it all in, and still be comfortable.”

Skims Fits Everybody Bandeau Bra

Skims Fits Everybody Bandeau Bra

“Skims is a great brand for smaller sizes,” says Liisa Thorson, the Seattle-based national fit director for Nordstrom, who notes that the bras fit smoothly under all fabrics and won’t slip down. De la Fuente agrees: “This is the perfect bra for smaller chest sizes — it’s flattering and super wearable.” And while it’s great for small busts, the sizes range from XXS to 4X. 

Fleur Du Mal Satin Strapless Underwire Bra

Fleur du Mal has become social media’s most popular lingerie line thanks to classic silhouettes and luxe details like ornate stitching and silk fabrications. “Satin bras look equally as good under clothing and they do peaking thru a sheer top or dress,” de la Fuente says. “This particular version comes in the chicest rosey pink blush tone, as well as classic black for a more modern, edgy look that’s pretty enough to show off.” And for larger busts, a Fuller Cup option is offered up to size G.

Fahzon Sticky Push up Bra

The strapless and backless bra is often tricky to find, making Fahzon’s, at $23, an excellent steal. “Believe it or not this bra actually works,” says de la Fuente, who can vouch for its performance up to a D cup. “It’s the perfect backless bra. The lacing gives a push-up effect, and the adhesive back does stay in place.” A low-profile silhouette also makes it “perfect for a black tie event” and Amazon’s 2-day delivery is convenient for last-minute shopping.

Intimissimi Sensual Unbounded Monica Bandeau Bra

A newlywed herself, de la Fuente understands the power of lingerie for the occasion. “For wedding dressing, there are two ways to go about lingerie: Invisible, solution-focused options like adhesive options (such as Victoria’s Secret Pink Silicone Petals) or beautiful lingerie made to be shown,” she says. Intimissimi’s newly launched strapless fits into the latter. “Eyelash lace adds romance, and the best part about it is that you don’t have to sacrifice function,” she adds. “The gripping band means you won’t be tugging at it all day.”

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