Best Sunglasses For Men 2023

The best sunglasses for men are the ones you actually wear: a great pair will protect your eyes from UV light, have a comfortable, lightweight design for on the go, and be durable enough to withstand an accidental drop. And if the frames look good on your face too, that’s an added bonus.

The hardest thing about buying sunglasses is the limitation of options. If you’re planning on wearing your sunglasses while running, lounging by the pool, or just driving, there are a number of criteria you should prioritize – particularly size, weight, and lens quality. With that in mind, we spoke to experts and evaluated the different options on the market to find the best men’s sunglasses from a variety of top brands. Here are nine pairs that we highly recommend for every price point and style preference.

Why it’s great: Trusted and stylish, Ray-Bans began in the 1930s with frames for Air Force pilots. New York stylist Audree Lopez thinks this pair is the perfect addition to her collection. The lenses are scratch-resistant, UV-protected, and have a modern and minimalist shape that flatters almost any face shape, says Lopez. core criticism: You can add custom options but increase the price. Other options: This pair comes in five colorways, making it a versatile choice at a reasonable price, or consider the Wayfarers or Clubmasters.

Maui Jim Kawika polarized sunglasses

Why it’s great: Many brands offer polarized sunglasses—which eliminate glare, wash out colors, and tire your eyes—but Maui Jim’s are some of the best because of their special technology. Its lenses eliminate 99.9% of glare, including horizontal glare reflected off any flat, smooth or shiny surface. There’s also a bi-gradient mirror attached to the top and bottom of the lens that ‘switches’ for you to reduce the brightest light from above and below, so your eyes can relax. core criticism: The high-quality lenses drive up the price. Other options: These sunglasses are available in four different frame and lens colors. We also like the relax mode and the Kiawe styles.

Knockaround Sahara Horizon Pacific Palisades

Why it’s great: If you tend to lose (or sit in) your sunglasses and don’t want to invest in an expensive polarized pair, knockarounds are a good alternative. They include simple amber polarized lenses that offer full UV400 protection and are molded from premium materials to withstand wear and tear. core criticism: These frames are on the larger side so they may be difficult to fit in a bag. Other options: Check out the Torrey Pines frames for a bold look or the Premiums for something more practical.

Why It’s Great: Raens sunglasses are handcrafted from cyl acetate and built to last with five barrel hinges, a wire core embedded in each arm for stability and polarized lenses giving you 100% UVA/UVB protection. They’re stylish at a reasonable price, and you can experiment with bolder options with the virtual try-on feature, which works remarkably well. core criticism: These glasses have a slightly slim fit, so keep that in mind when ordering. Other options: For more stylish couples, consider the Adin or the Myles.

Why it’s great: Warby Parker simplifies the process of getting stylish prescription sunglasses with a free try-on-at-home option. The brand also gives back – for every pair purchased, it gives a pair to those in need. These frames have clean lines and a flat forehead for a modern look. core criticism: The The price increases the more customizations you add (base price with prescription is $195). Other options: We also like the Haskell and Raider frames.


Why it’s great: San Francisco-based company Huckberry makes sunglasses using durable materials and quality lenses that aren’t super expensive, making them great to take with you when you travel. The weekenders have a lightweight, sturdy construction that doesn’t break easily. And in case you need a spare (or leave it in a hotel room), Huckberry offers a discount — you can buy two pairs for $60. core criticism: These glasses do not come with a carrying case, so make sure they are protected in your bag. Other options: These shades come in 10 shades, but if none of them work for you, consider the Cruisers.

Oakley Gascan steel sunglasses

Why it’s great: A best-seller from the brand known for performance sunglasses, Oakley’s Gascan frames have been tested and re-tested in extreme conditions to ensure they stay on the bridge of the nose and temples without pinching too hard. You can customize the lenses, including adding polarization and correction features. core criticism: These glasses tend to run on the small side. Other options: Our top picks include the Half Jacket 2.0 and the Straightlink.

Persol 714SM – Steve McQueen

Why it’s great: Persol sunglasses are pricey but deliver plenty of Italian craftsmanship. The 714 frames – the same ones worn regularly by Steve McQueen – are notable for being the very first foldable eyewear model. The sunglasses have an aviator shape, a keyhole bridge and a collapsible bridge that allows you to fold them up and put them in your pocket. this technology requires ten additional manufacturing steps (which explains the higher price). Fashion stylist Lopez is a fan and also likes that the couple has a two-year guarantee. core criticism: The price point. Other options: For more classic styles see 649 and PO3285S.

Why it’s great: With a larger head size, sunglasses are often uncomfortable or stretch over time, weakening the materials. Costa sunglasses come in a variety of sizes – from small to XXL – which you can filter on their website, along with features like lens color and material, and frame style. The Reefton has blue mirrored polarized lenses that work best in bright light and reduce glare from the water. core criticism: These are designed for a high nasal bridge (meaning the bone goes up higher than the curve of your pupils), so they may not securely fit noses with flatter noses. Other options: For a sporty version, try the Reefton Pro and the Sampan for an XXL size.

What you should consider when buying men’s sunglasses

  • Online versus in person: When shopping online, you have the widest choice; The downside is that it can be difficult to gauge how each pair will suit you. If you’re not sure, rely on brands that offer easy-to-navigate virtual try-on technology, like Raen and Warby Parker. Los Angeles-based fashion stylist Vanessa Powell also recommends measuring your face, just to be sure. “A lot of people make the mistake of wearing sunglasses that are too big or too small for their face. It doesn’t look natural and feels uncomfortable, almost like wearing a pair of shoes that don’t fit well.” Another option: Measure a pair of glasses you already own and like and use that as a guide while shopping.
  • Materials and hardware: Beyond style, “always pay attention to construction details,” says celebrity stylist and creative curator Avon Dorsey. Quality pairs are often made from acetate, which is lightweight and considered sturdier than plastic, and polarized lenses to minimize sun glare and reduce eye strain. “The goggle hardware is also a key component of design and durability,” adds Dorsey. For example, look for barrel hinges that allow your glasses to flex slightly at the temple. As Dorsey notes, “better hardware means better wear resistance.”

How do I find the most flattering sunglasses for my face shape?

Powell recommends finding frames that balance your face. “The general guideline is to choose sunglasses that contrast with your face shape and reach just past the cheekbones,” says Powell. “Keeping this advice in mind makes it easier to shop online when you can’t try on pairs in person.” In general, if you have a round face, try something edgier or squarer. If you have a strong jawline, contrast it with a rounded style and vice versa. But remember, fashion rules are meant to be broken. Dorsey recommends using your instincts. “If you feel most confident in a certain color style, go with your gut.”

When does it make sense to treat yourself to sunglasses?

Dorsey suggests investing in a classic frame — like an aviator or wayfarer shape, both of which balance straight and curved lines — rather than overly trendy styles. Also think about the colour. “Standard black, brown or gray glasses are so versatile and the average person will find them very useful,” he says. Similarly, Powell says, “It’s rare that I suggest that I swank a sunglass trend or statement pair.” Instead, she favors timeless options that feel authentic to her clients. “These are the pairs that you’ll want to replace when lost rather than choosing something new.” And she finds, “The frames usually have a neutral finish and match your overall fashion style.”

What is the best way to style sunglasses?

“Sunglasses should never interfere with an outfit,” says Powell. “They should feel like an extension of one. Your outfit tells a story and a pair of sunglasses should fit the theme of what you’re doing.” Dorsey also pays attention to color. “The easiest trick is to match your sunglasses to the color of your outfit or use your sunglasses as a pop of color to contrast with your outfit.”

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