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Alarm clocks may be a necessary evil, but there’s no question that alarm clocks designed to mimic the sunrise make for a far more pleasant waking experience than blaring, loud beeps. Sunrise alarm clocks have a sophisticated biological component that contributes to this gentle rise. Our circadian rhythm (the body’s 24-hour clock cycle) is inseparable from the light-dark cycle of day and night—the more light we’re exposed to, the more alert we become. “We evolved to align our sleep-wake cycles with the sun,” explains Dr. Angela Holliday-Bell, board-certified physician, board-certified sleep specialist and member of Hatch’s expert panel. “By mimicking the sun’s rays in the morning, it makes waking up easier and a more natural process than being roused by a traditional alarm clock.”

If you regularly battle lightheadedness after pulling yourself out of bed, the best sunrise alarms could make a world of difference. “The gradual increase in brightness allows our body to wake up as we transition into a lighter sleep stage and helps prevent the sleep sluggishness we sometimes get when awakened from a deep sleep stage,” she says. Also, switching to this type of alarm device offers both short- and long-term benefits. According to Holliday-Bell, it allows for a smoother awakening that can lead to more energy, alertness and positive mood first thing in the morning. Over the long term, she says, it can stabilize and enhance circadian rhythms, which can even improve sleep-wake cycles for lighter mornings and evenings.

Some of the best sunrise alarm clocks combine a gradually brightening light with muffled sounds to gently signal the body it’s time to wake up – others rely on light only. Both offer an appealing alternative to the sudden, shrill one beep of a traditional alarm clock, but these devices are especially helpful if you wake up before the sun. To help you start your morning off on the right foot, we’ve rounded up seven of the best sunrise alarm clocks. The undeniably elegant Hatch Restore 2 grabs our best place overall. In addition to its gradual sunrise light and a selection of accompaniment tones, it includes a library of white sounds to lull you into dreamland and help you stay there all night. These are all of our favorite sunrise alarms.

Application: Yes | clock display: Yes | trial: 60 days

The Hatch brand became practically synonymous with sunrise alarm clocks with the release of their Restore model in 2020, but took it up a notch with the Restore 2. The new version of the alarm clock is available in three muted colors and is wrapped in linen. giving the light a soft, diffuse quality. The sunrise alarm is fully customisable, from the 10 accompanying tones, to the duration of the full turn on (which you can set from five to 60 minutes) to the brightness of the light itself. The Hatch Restore 2 works best with the accompanying app, but you can change the Also turn the alarm on and off with a slide button on the side of the device to make it easier to fall asleep occasionally.

The Hatch Restore 2 features three speakers and a library of 21 white noise tracks including rain, wind, crickets and the sea. These can help block out ambient noise when falling asleep or during the night. This feature is also customizable — you can set white noise to run from a few minutes to a minute less than 24 hours. Last but not least, there’s the Nighttime Routine feature, a built-in timer that you can set to signal when it’s time to unwind and break away from part of your evening relaxation routine, such as bedtime. e.g. reading, to another, e.g. B. Meditation. The steps of the Hatch’s nightly routine can also be adjusted to correspond to different soothing sounds, different colors and brightness of the light.

Application: No | clock display: Yes | trial: 30 days

The HomeLabs Sunrise Digital LED Alarm Clock covers the basics and does it well. To wake you up, it combines the sound of the sea or birdsong with gradually increasing light that starts 30 minutes before the alarm sounds.

The device also has a sunset function. When you go to bed, the sunset simulator gently dims the room to help you fall asleep. The circular clock can be set to one of eight cheerful colors and doubles as a lamp when you’re not sleeping. This can all be controlled on the device itself, which has three levels of brightness and buttons on the front and top that allow for easy adjustment. You can also use it to tune in to local FM radio. At 7 inches tall and just under 7 inches wide, it’s a good size for a bedside table. Plus, at under $40, it’s a great buy for the money.

Application: Yes | clock display: Yes | trial: 60 days

Hatch has made it onto our list again with its kid-focused Rest+. The latest Rest+ builds on the success of the original Rest, with an additional backup battery that works even if the power goes out. This device is a combination of night light, sound machine and clock – and it was designed to grow with children from an early age. The soft light and soothing sounds are designed to help little ones fall asleep and sleep through the night. It can also help teach children good sleep habits by using a time to get up cue that lets bright-eyed little ones know when it’s time to get out of bed. This feature will prove particularly helpful for parents of consistent early risers. The WiFi-controlled Rest+ has a robust sleep library with music, bedtime stories and breathing exercises (available with Hatch Sleep membership), an audio monitor and a dimmable clock. It’s also portable so it can be taken from room to room or give your child a little bit of home and their usual routine when travelling.

Philips SmartSleep Connected Sleep and Wake-up Light

Application: Yes | clock display: Yes | trial: none

The SmartSleep watch has all the features you could want in a sunrise alarm clock, including seven accompanying nature sounds or FM radio, a sunset simulation to help you relax in the evenings, and a smart-touch display to set and customize the alarm clock and brightness of the light. But it earns extra points in our book for its “RelaxBreathe” feature, a collection of light-guided breathing and relaxation exercises designed to help you transition to sleep. The accompanying SleepManager app is another differentiator – it collects and stores data about your sleeping environment, such as light, humidity, temperature and ambient noise levels. If you’ve ever wondered why you suddenly wake up in the early hours of the morning, the data could be revealing. Finally, SmartSleep also doubles as a night light when you want a gentle glow for late-night toilet visits, and can be brightened up to serve as a bedside lamp when you enjoy reading in bed or want to softly brighten your room before bed.

Application: Yes | clock display: No | trial: 30 days

It lacks both the alarm and the clock, but the Casper Glow Light still made it onto our list for its low-key wake-up. In the morning it gradually brightens to gently nudge you awake – no alarm sound, just light. The self-dimming touch lamp also signals the body it’s time for bed, with customized light settings that let you control brightness and duration. You set the time you want to be woken up in the Glow app, which also lets you manage features like syncing multiple Glow Lights.

The device relies on simple controls such as rotate, rotate and shake. Flip it over to turn it on and it will gradually dim and turn off over the course of 45 minutes. Do you want to turn it off first? Just turn around again. You can also pause the dimming process by tapping the top or bottom button. A clever gyroscope feature lets you rotate manually if you want to adjust the brightness yourself. At night, the Glow Light acts as a portable night light. It has an ambient light sensor that you can trigger with a gentle shake when it’s off, giving you just enough light for a late-night trip to the bathroom or kitchen.

Application: Yes | clock display: No | trial: 60 days

This is another silent, watchless choice. The Loftie lamp is indeed a lamp, but its sleek design and uncomplicated functionality are designed to help you get up and shine in the morning and relax in the evening. Standing alone, it gently wakes you with a gradually brightening light that starts at the base of the lamp and moves upwards. But you can also pair it with the Loftie clock if you want a less traditional alarm clock that rings quieter and offers a variety of sleep benefits. At night, the lamp has soft colors that slowly dim to lull you to sleep. Intuitive buttons on the back allow you to manually adjust the brightness of the lamp. You can use the preset light modes without the accompanying Loftie app, but if you want to set alarms and customize colors, you’ll need to download them.

Application: No | clock display: Yes | trial: 45 days

The Lumie Bodyclock Glow 150 is a well-reviewed bedside lamp and alarm clock in one, with fully adjustable lighting. It’s designed to get you out of that late-night smartphone habit, with sunset-emulating light that you can fade over a period of time. If you’re not a fan, it can be turned off completely. Wake up in the morning to a sunrise duration of 20, 30, or 45 minutes, coupled with the option of ten out-of-the-box sounds to get you going (happy goats, anyone?). Unlike many of the other alarms on our list, this one doesn’t even need or have a companion smartphone app – all of the Lumie’s functions are easily managed on the device itself.

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