BEST Tower Of Fantasy Settings: High FPS & Performance

The long awaited game Tower of Fantasy, has finally been released. The new MMO RPG Game developed by level infinite in some aspects resembles the famous Genshin Impact. However, the game has its own unique items they too do so much to play well and sit above the others. Now when a new game pleases Tower of Fantasy is released, the standard question for players is how to get it best performance and settings for the game to work properly on your device. So continue this guide Tower Of Fantasy Best Settings will address the very common problem.

Now, just like Genshin in Tower Of Fantasy, there are loads of weapons and characters too. However, it’s best that you know which ones are better than others, so we encourage you to research the best Tower Of Fantasy weapons and characters. Also check out the Tower of Fantasy Weapon Tier List and Tower of Fantasy Character Tier List. The game also features a number of new systems such as the Pity system and the Tower Of Fantasy Reroll.

If you can’t decide on a class, our guide to Tower of Fantasy’s best classes might help you. Also, we can help you get and use the Dark Crystal and Jetpack. In addition to that, we’ve also covered the Tower of Fantasy main launch and Tower of Fantasy free codes to redeem. Now let’s get back to our actual topic Best settings for Tower of Fantasy.

Best settings for Tower of Fantasy

A screenshot of Tower of Fantasy

Now before we get into that mature fine-tuning of the settings, you must first access the settings area of ​​the game. And to access the Settings section You must first log into the game and then close all banners. Next, in the top right corner is a section called Settings.

In addition, the Settings section includes the following categories:

  • basic
  • advertisement
  • camera
  • Other
  • controller
  • attention
  • language

Now our guide focuses on the settings that can achieve that highest possible FPS and game smoothness for a average device how Tower of Fantasy is a heavy game for some devices. However, we are here to help you through ours Tower Of Fantasy Best Settings to lead. So let’s tweak the settings of the game.

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basic settings

Best settings
Best settings for Tower of Fantasy

That Best settings for Tower of Fantasy The basic settings mainly depend on how you want to experience the game. However, we will list a recommended list for all basic setting options. Also if you want to change something you can do so as most of the settings here have no effect game performance very much.

camera settings

Well, first of all, we recommend that you keep these Reset camera settings to defaultor if you prefer, you can customize them to find those best settings for yourself. This camera setting is mostly down to your preferences as it doesn’t affect performance much so you can keep it to your liking.

display settings

Next is the display settings. Well, these settings are not intended for graphics and other important aspects of performance increase, as these settings will help you adjust your HUD and other items and options that you can see in the game.

Well, for that Tower Of Fantasy Best Settingswe recommend that you stick to the settings below, which focus on best performance and smooth FPS. However, if you want, you can change them depending on your device. The available display settings in this section are:

  • Ready Hidden Weapon: On
  • Non-Hiker Info: On
  • Hiker info: On
  • Hide CS: On
  • Show FPS: It allows a FPS monitor in the corner of the screen. It’s up to you if you want it, but we encourage you to keep it Out of as it takes up screen space.
  • Chat display on the main page: On
  • Show blue dot prompts: On
  • Permanent Wrinkle Buff: Out of
  • Mission Tips: On
  • Messages: On
  • Discharge Skills Animation: Off as it gives performance a decent boost

control settings

These control settings have options that affect your play style a bit in the game. The settings are for features that the game offers can be turned off or on. And below we list the control settings we recommend. The control settings are:

  • Automatic climbing: On or if you want you can turn it off as some players find it difficult to play with.
  • Manual Sprint or Dodge: On
  • rocking position: On
  • Aim Assist: On
  • Power saving mode: On
  • walking mode: On
  • squatting: On

language settings

language settings
Tower of Fantasy language settings

Next we have the language settings for Tower of Fantasy. In these settings you can choose yours language of the game and that depends purely on your preferences. also current, Tower of Fantasy offers the Text of the game in an amazing one 8 different languages and the Voice overs are available in 2 languages for now. The two voiceover languages ​​that the game is available in are English and Japanese. While text languages are as follows:

  • English
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • French
  • Indonesian
  • Portuguese
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Compliance Settings

These settings don’t have much to offer the player as the only settings you should care about here are those microphone what to set On and the account binding to other accounts like Facebook. That’s all there is to these settings sets.

Controller Settings

Controller Settings
Controller settings for Tower of Fantasy

For all Try Out there, the game even offers the option to connect External control to the game so you can play with it. These settings will help that controller player to Tie the game buttons to their controller, which should be fairly easy and straightforward.

Other options

This category contains the additional settings that you can customize, such as the Message, Self, and other settings. Now below we list all the settings that we think will be the most useful.

Message Settings

  • Accept friend request: On
  • Accept team invites: On
  • Auto Accept Team Up from friends: Out of
  • Allow invitations: On

show settings

  • Show Wandered HP bar for non-teammates: On
  • View walker info from non-teammates: On
  • Always show teammate HP bar in instances: On

Additional settings

  • Even: To keep all boxes disabled here as they are not required.
  • other hikers: Here you just have to check the Name, crew and title boxing
  • Enemy: Just tick here as before name and title Crate.
  • Special Effect Settings: Now here we recommend that you should do not change the settings and let her stay as default because only experienced players know what effects they are dealing with.
  • page settings: Again, keep the default settings and only consider changes if the UI feels awkward.
  • Sound Effect Settings: Now you only have to activate the here Simulacra voice Possibility.
  • Scrolling text settings: Leave this setting at the default as these settings do not need to be changed.

camera settings

Now let’s look at them Tower of Fantasy Best takes for the camera option as these settings are very important. However, we won’t be changing much here, just minor changes to some of the default settings. These settings are also mostly important because of the sensitivity you can set. The camera settings should be as follows:

  • Gyro Up/Down Sensitivity: 0.5
  • Gyro Left / Right Sensitivity: 0.7
  • Aim for high/low sensitivity: 1.8
  • Aim Left / Right Sensitivity: 1.2
  • Camera sensitivity (vertical): 1.0
  • Camera sensitivity (horizontal): 1.0
  • Camera distance in battle: 1.3
  • target gyroscope: On if your device supports it
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display settings

display settings
Tower of Fantasy display settings

Now we have reached the most important part of the game where most of the game is Performance and FPS Lie. We have to be very careful when adjusting these settings as the settings depend on the device you are playing on. However, the following options focus on those best possible FPS on any device. Now the best Tower Of Fantasy settings for display are as follows:

  • Style Settings: We recommend leaving the setting at the default as the default setting works best.
  • Display settings: We recommend leaving it on Smooth or Balanced for newer devices. The graphics will be less appealing, but the game will be able to get more FPS, again at a small sacrifice.
  • Same Screen Wanderer: We recommend setting this setting to 10 people. The setting is about how many people you can see on your screen at the same time, other than yourself. We recommend that you lower the number even further if you’re having performance issues.
  • Antialiasing: You should disable anti-aliasing as it will give you the best performance you need. Anti-aliasing is used by games to make graphics smoother and sharper, which affects performance.
  • Disable motion blur: We recommend disabling motion blur if you continue to have problems. However, to do this you need to customize the game files. You need to add the following sets of commands in the Engine.ini file.
  • FPS: Keep this setting 60fps.

Now that all the settings are complete and optimized to get the best performance and smooth FPS, let’s bring the Tower Of Fantasy Best Settings Graduation Guide. We hope that you have achieved the goal of smooth FPS and perfomance via the settings listed above.

However, if you think there is anything we can tweak to further improve performance, let us know via the comments section below.

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