Best travel apps to book cheap flights, hotels & car rentals on your iPhone

With so many iPhone flight booking apps and services to choose from — all promising to save you big bucks — it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when planning your next trip. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best travel apps to make booking flights easier.

It’s easy to waste valuable time filling out booking information, only to find that the website you’ve chosen has inaccurate pricing or hidden fees.

As a passionate world traveler on a budget, I’ve tried all the apps and services over the years. The following apps stand out for their upfront cost, reliable and communicative customer service, and notable features that help you choose the fastest and cheapest flight days.

If you have wanderlust but don’t have a specific destination in mind, many apps include interactive maps that allow the user to explore travel opportunities around the world.

However, due to the sensitive and volatile nature of booking prices, you should not shop with just one of these apps or services. To really find the best flight deals, you need to dig and compare.

Here are the best travel apps to download to make booking flights easier and save money.

sky scanner

Skyscanner started as a small Scottish startup and has grown into a global service. It is now owned by international online travel agency and is highly regarded by thousands of app users.

It has expert features like an interactive price chart. This shows the booker the exact day and time to book at the lowest possible price. You can find the cheapest trip available if your travel dates are flexible.

This comes in handy when you know you need to fly to a certain state, perhaps to visit friends and family, but don’t mind picking an airport in a nearby city to save some money.

If you know you want to get away and aren’t picky about where you go, the app includes one explore everywhere Feature that shows you cheap flights to popular destinations.

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Skyscanner’s Explore Everywhere feature

If your work schedule is flexible and you are unsure of the best day to leave, use the feature whole month to check ticket prices for each day this month.

Skyscanner’s other perk tries to reflect that final Price you pay by credit card – no hidden fees.

You can also use Skyscanner to book your hotel room and rental car.

Skyscanner does not require a subscription and is easy to use. It offers both an app and a web browser version. The app is compatible with iOS 14 or higher and can be downloaded for free from the App Store at 229.8 MB.


TravelPerk was developed in Barcelona and mainly focuses on business travel. The variety of features offered sets TravelPerk apart from other apps.

Flight search engines and Google flights often push you to book with the same airline or partner airline for every leg of your journey.

With TravelPerk you can group all your tickets under the same trip and consolidate all your travel plans in one place.

TravelPerk allows the user to consolidate travel itineraries in one place

Another benefit is that Travelperk includes rail travel. This comes in handy when traveling in a continent cheap for public transport like Europe.

While traveling in Switzerland, using TravelPerk to channel the SBB train app worked like a dream.

TravelPerk is also very customer friendly. The average wait time to speak to a live agent is fifteen seconds – 24 hours a day.

Instead of paying monthly for a subscription that you might only use here and there, TravelPerk ensures that the user only pays to use its software in the months that they book a trip, with no hidden fees.

TravelPerk is compatible with iOS 15 or later, has Starter (free), Premium, and Pro versions to suit your needs, and is a 135.9 MB download from the App Store. TravelPerk is also available online as a subscription service. Visit to see current subscription prices.

If you’ve ever missed a connection due to delays or cancellations and are stranded for a night in a foreign city, Kiwi takes the hassle out of negotiating a refund with the airline.

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Kiwi stands out from other apps because it searches for each leg of your journey separately. Suppose your international travel plans require a stopover anyway, and you don’t mind using two different airlines to reach your destination. In this case, Kiwi will direct you to the airlines with the lowest fares for separate bookings.

Kiwi has a clean, interactive interface that makes planning your trip easy.

Kiwi’s clean interface makes it easy to book your next trip

Kiwi will send you your boarding passes 24 hours before your flight, noting any baggage specifications in advance, such as: B. Baggage weight restrictions.

Because you may not be traveling to your destination on the same airline, Kiwi will guarantee an alternative flight or refund the unused ticket if a flight delay, cancellation or schedule change affects your connecting flight.

However, you must inform Kiwi as soon as you become aware of any of the above situations. Then email them a receipt for the new flight within 14 days of the change.

Compatible with iOS 14 or later, Kiwi is a free 86.3 MB download from the App Store. If you prefer the web browser version, you can access


Momondo has an easy to navigate interface with a streamlined flight and hotel search feature.

The Momondo app is one of the best travel apps

One of the many benefits of this app is getting the cheapest and fastest flights and displaying them in handy tabs at the top. Usually their rationale for the “best” flight combines a cheap flight paired with the cheapest flight times.

If, like Skyscanner, you know you want to get away but aren’t sure where to go, the app has an interactive map that shows flight prices from your home airport to various locations around the world. In addition, it has a “Budget” feature that shows applicable airline tickets for each set budget.

Momondo allows the user to set a budget to search for suitable potential trips


is compatible with iOS 14 or higher and can be downloaded for free from the App Store at 102.9 MB. If you prefer to use the web browser version, visit

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You’ve probably heard of Kayak before.

It’s an all-in-one travel app that finds the best deals on hotels, rental cars and flights. It also includes the cheapest flight and hotel combos from travel agents, although I’ve found it’s often cheaper to book these separately than to bundle them together.

Kayak also has a cool price watch feature. It will ping your phone if the price of your tracked flight has changed.

Another notable feature is that after entering the number of bags and whether you prefer a non-stop or layover flight, the final cost is accurately displayed even if you are flying on two different airlines.

Finally, Kayak includes an interactive app that shows current airfares around the world, making it one of the best travel apps.

Kayak’s interactive map makes it easy to find a good deal anywhere in the world

It is highly rated in the App Store, with hundreds of thousands of reviews and an excellent reputation of 4.8.

Kayak is compatible with iOS 14 or higher and can be downloaded for free from the App Store at 122.1 MB. If you prefer to use the web browser version, visit

Other services: Google flights

Google Flights doesn’t have an app, but it deserves an honorable mention here.

After you enter your desired travel duration, Google Flights offers a remarkable calendar and bar chart option that shows your cheapest round trip flight options.

Google Flights has a nifty calendar feature that shows the user the cheapest flight dates

All you have to do is beat Your departure and return dates to find the cheapest flight options.

Summary: Steps to find the cheapest flights with the best travel apps

  • Enter your departure date and destination using Skyscanner or Google flights. Set up email alerts and wait a few days to see if airfare goes up or down
  • When you’re ready and think you’ve got a good price, check out the rates using one of the apps above
  • Do a final price check through the airline’s app or website
  • Voila – now you have enough comprehensive data to book the cheapest route thanks to the best travel apps!

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