Best Ways To Deal With Flight Delays

Airport Parking Reservations experts have put together suggestions on what to do if your flight is delayed and how you can chat while you wait. And I’ve added my own suggestions. Listen.

Dealing with flight delays

— Invest in travel insurance that covers delays

Although your airline may be required to care for you after a certain amount of delay, most travel insurance policies offer additional coverage for travel uncertainties. Additional coverage is normally required if your flight is delayed more than 12 hours due to a strike, inclement weather or mechanical breakdown.

— Contact the airline’s customer service

The customer service team should also be able to advise you on the immediate steps to take to resolve your flight queries. Flight delays that are beyond the airline’s control can affect your right to compensation, so be as clear and specific as possible about the circumstances before attempting to make a claim or complain.

— Know your passenger rights

You may be entitled to compensation or a refund. Depending on the country, if your flight is delayed more than a set amount of time, your airline may have an obligation to take care of you.

In the United States, airlines are not required to compensate passengers when flights are delayed or canceled. Your rights vary and depend on the airline’s terms and conditions, so be sure to check them.

— Keep expense receipts

Typical travel delay insurance offers a fixed form of benefit for expenses like food and drink while you wait at the airport. Keep receipts from airport purchases as you can later try to claim the money back from the airline. Airlines only pay for “reasonable” expenses, probably not purchases like alcohol, expensive meals, or extravagant hotels.

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– No panic

Keep calm and be kind to those traveling with you, whether fellow travelers or airline employees, as everyone involved will feel concerned by the situation. Proceed step by step.


during a delay

– Come prepared

To be prepared for anything, even if the delay is overnight, pack your carry-on with essentials like a change of clothes, snacks, drinks, phone chargers, toiletries, and entertainment media. An eye mask and earplugs can help you rest during your heist.

— Consider a lounge

Especially if the wait is long, consider a day pass and indulge yourself in an airport lounge where you can rest, eat and sometimes even take a shower.

— Enjoy a meal

Airport restaurants often offer a variety of dishes. If you have the time, use it and treat yourself to local specialties or favorite dishes. You can be compensated.

– Business

Many airports offer huge duty-free shops, as well as souvenir shops and designers’ favorite brands. Take advantage of duty-free offers or browse the shops.

— Escape with a book, music or games

Packing a book or Kindle is always a good idea. Or buy books and games at the airport. Airport WiFi means you can settle down in a quiet corner and play for a bit. (Make sure you’re aware of your new schedule and the like.)

— Explore the airport

If you can’t leave the airport because your delay won’t be that long, you could spend time exploring your airport’s facilities and you’ll get some exercise at the same time.

Airports today offer luxurious lounges, indoor gardens, spas, cinemas and even swimming pools. You can enjoy a massage, get your nails done and be pampered. Just make sure you allow enough time and keep in touch for information on planning.

— Research your trip

You’ve probably already checked out the top attractions in your chosen destination, but you can spend your wait time researching lesser-known attractions. You may stumble upon hidden gems to explore upon arrival.

— Contact family and friends

Get the downtime you didn’t expect—to connect.

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