Birdman Says He’s Hip Hop’s Best CEO: ‘Put Some Respek On My Name’

Birdman has crowned himself the best hip-hop CEO ever and is aiming for it again billboard for not recognizing the moguls behind an artist’s success.

The Cash Money Records founder took to Instagram on Thursday (March 16) with a back-and-forth post billboard for not acknowledging the hip hop CEOs who helped the culture. In his post, Birdman included a picture of the billboard Logo and claimed he was the best CEO hip hop had in its 50 years.

“@billboard I see you did top 10 rappers which is very respected but what about the CEO who made these rappers supa stars was fighting behind doors,” Birdman wrote. “So they can be superstars, give my name some respect and stop playing with me. I am the best that ever did nothing but love for all the CEOs of all time #THEGOATMAKER I do 4MS GLADYS #dont lie @cashmoneyofficial.”

billboard And MOOD rocked the hip-hop world with their list of the 50 Greatest Rappers in honor of hip-hop’s 50th anniversary. The list showed love for the likes of Kanye West, André 3000, Lauryn Hill, Ice Cube, Rakim, LL COOL J and Black Thought across their #50 through #11 picks.

The bottom 10 included Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg, Drake, Lil Wayne, The Notorious BIG, Eminem, 2Pac, Nas, Kendrick Lamar and JAY-Z. The list sparked polarizing reactions from fans and artists alike, with Ice Cube, Ja Rule and others adding their two cents.

Last month, Birdman went one step further, criticizing Billboard for not mentioning the CEOs who have changed culture. According to the 54-year-old, he doesn’t understand why all the talk of hip hop’s 50th birthday revolves around the “legendary artists” who changed the game.

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In his opinion, music executives should be celebrated just as much, since they played just as important a role in the rise of hip hop as the artists who nurtured them.

“I’m confused about 50 years of hip-hop where they’re paying tribute to legendary artists, which is very respected. I also think that CEOs who kept these artists alive to be great, showed them how to keep hip-hop alive should be recognized in a big way,” Birdman wrote.

“I remember when they said hip hop was dead and we kept it alive.

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