BLACK STONE CHERRY Shares Performance Video For Latest Single ‘Out Of Pocket’

Kentucky rockers BLACK STONE CHERRY have released the official performance music video for their latest single, “Out of the bag”. The clip, filmed during the band’s recent UK tour, can be seen below.

Speaking of the new track, BLACK STONE CHERRY frontman Chris Robertson called: “‘Out of the bag’ is a song that was born out of that feeling. The song was what I personally, and I think many of us, felt during these very trying years. Facing your demons and knowing that you have to come out on the other side stronger than before.”

last october, BLACK STONE CHERRY drummer John Fred Young told Loud TV that he and his bandmates had started work on the 2020s sequel “The Human Condition” album last summer. “I think we’ve got about eight songs done right now, and we’re going to go back in December and finish the rest,” he said at the time. “So [it’s] a really, really cool situation.

“We have our own theater in Glasgow, Kentucky, where ben [Wells, guitar] Life. We do our home shows there; We do it every two years for Christmas. So we recorded the drums in this big beautiful theater. And they just sound amazing; Even when I play they sound amazing. And we go to my house to do vocals and guitars. So, [it’s] really cool man. I think people will really love the songs and the playing.

“We recorded “The Human Condition” in 2020, and when we were doing all this with COVID, it really started to pick up,” John added. “And we were done with this record two days before our state locked us down. So we were lucky that we made it. But I think probably next year, early next year, we’ll put out a new record.”

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As far as the musical and lyrical orientation of the new is concerned BLACK STONE CHERRY Material, John said, “The first seven or eight [songs] we really did it… The lyrics on it are very heartfelt and great. The music is really heavy, but there’s that too BLACK STONE CHERRY Ballad or two, well… I can’t give too much away [laughs]because I don’t even know what the others sound like because we haven’t really finished them yet.”

last august, Robertson told “Rock of the Nations with Dave Kinchen & Shane McEachern” on the band’s upcoming LP: “We have nine songs completely written and about seven more that we have to write lyrics and stuff for. But we made it man. And it’s good. It is difficult. It’s melodic. I think it’s going to be a great record.”

Regarding the lyrical inspiration for BLACK STONE CHERRYthe new songs Chris said, “It’s crazy because the songs that we write … Obviously we write songs that are fun — like “Blame the Boom Boom” And “White Trash Millionaire” — a lot of fun stuff, but we also write more serious songs.

“It’s different, man,” he continued. “We wrote and stuff. And it’s crazy. For me, the stuff that’s coming out right now has a lot to do with my father’s death, a lot of understanding how to deal with that loss and grief, and just learning to live through it.

“The serious songs that we write are things that we’ve either witnessed or lived or whatever.” Chris explained. “Except for a song like ‘rain magician’ or some of the stuff we wrote that was more folklore, everything we wrote is something we lived. So there’s a hell of a lot in the well now. I’ve come really far to say that, but the source of things to write about is very deep now.”

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BLACK STONE CHERRYseventh studio album, “The Human Condition”was released in October 2020 via Mascot Records/Mascot Label Group.

In June 2021, BLACK STONE CHERRY announced the departure of the bass player Jon Lawhon. He has since been replaced by on the road Steve Jewel Jr.the band’s guitarist from Glasgow, Kentucky OTIS.

The digital-only release of an expanded edition of “The Human Condition” was made available in August 2021.


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