BMW XM Sport SUV: 4 Alluring Features

Earning a reputation for building the world’s ultimate driving machines is quite an achievement. Maintaining that reputation is another thing altogether. To maintain its identity for driving excellence, BMW must find new and exciting ways to motivate drivers. From the purity of the original 1980s M3 to the cutting-edge technology of the i8, the brand is constantly pushing the boundaries. BMW is once again breaking new ground with the introduction of the 2023 XM plug-in hybrid sport SUV. Instead of a unicorn sports car, BMW has put its engineering prowess into creating a top-of-the-line SUV with its latest features and boldest design cues.

The 2023 BMW XM arrives amid BMW’s electrification push. The XM itself isn’t an all-electric SUV, but a plug-in hybrid SUV. But where previous BMW sport hybrid critics have been clamoring for more power, the XM seems like a real showstopper. Here are some features of the BMW XM that are likely to draw attention.

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