Bruins record tracker: Boston on pace to break NHL records for most points, wins by a team in a season

The Bruins are what the kids now call an absolute wagon.

No team has dominated the 2022-23 season like Boston. David Pastrnak should be considered for the Hart Trophy this year as he is also chasing Connor McDavid in the goalscoring race for Rocket Richard.

Linus Ullmark has a stranglehold on the Vezina Trophy and leads the league in goals against average, saves and wins. And Jim Montgomery is the front-runner for the Jack Adams Award for Coach of the Year and has made the Bruins a powerhouse in just his first year at the club.

The Bruins are on track to set new NHL records for most wins and most points by a team in a single season. They are already the fastest team with 100 points in league history and also the fastest team ever with 50 wins in one year.

Of course, if you ask any of the members of the organization, they don’t give a damn about anything that isn’t called the Stanley Cup.

“People have been talking a lot about some of these records that we could potentially achieve or that we have achieved,” Brad Marchand said in a recent interview with ESPN. “No one cares about those in this room. We could care less about those regular-season records. Because they really mean nothing.”

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Trivial regular-season records may not matter to players. However, fans do, and The Sporting News follows the Bruins as the team nears records for most wins and points in a single season.

What is the Bruins’ record for 2022-23?

As of Thursday, March 9, the Bruins own a record of 50-10-5. The team has 105 points.

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Boston was the fastest team in NHL history to reach 100 points in just 61 games. The previous record of 62 was held by the Canadians in 1976-77.

Bruins projected points

With 17 games remaining on the schedule, the Bruins need 27 points to tie the record of 132 and 29 points to break it.

According to Power Rankings Guru, the Bruins are expected to end the year with 131 points, a narrow point to break the Canadians’ record from 1976-77.

Bruins projected wins

With 17 games remaining on the schedule, the Bruins need 12 more wins to break the record of 62 single-season wins set by the Red Wings in 1995-96 and Lightning in 2018-19. Boston can break the record with 13 wins.

This season, the Bruins have a win rate of 0.769%. If the team continues at that rate through the remainder of the regular season, it will add another 13 wins to its record, ending the year with 63 wins and setting a new NHL mark.

Bruns schedule 2022-23

Boston has 17 games left this season.

According to Power Rankings Guru, Boston has one of the easier schedules the rest of the way, ranking 26th in terms of difficulty. However, the website also said the club had the seventh toughest schedule up to that point.

Date Opponent time (ET)
Tuesday March 14th at Blackhawks 8:30 p.m
Thursday March 16th at jets 8 p.m
Saturday March 18th at game 14 o’clock
Sunday March 19th at saber 13 o’clock
Tuesday March 21st against senators 19 o’clock
Thursday, March 23rd against Canadians 19 o’clock
Saturday March 25th against lightning 13 o’clock
Sunday March 26th in hurricanes 17 o’clock
Tuesday, March 28th against predators 19 o’clock
Thursday March 30th against blue jackets 19 o’clock
Saturday April 1st in penguins 3 pm
Sunday April 2nd at the blues 3:30 p.m
Thursday, April 6th against maple leaves 19 o’clock
Saturday, April 8th against devil 8 p.m
Sunday, April 9th at Flyer 6 p.m
Tuesday, April 11th vs capitals 19 o’clock
Thursday, April 13 at Canadians 19 o’clock
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Which team holds the record for most points in an NHL season?

Speaking of the 1976-77 Montreal team, this is the club that holds the record for most points by a team in a single season at 132.

The Canadians went 60-8-12 this season. Back then, games ended in a tie if nobody scored in overtime, so Montreal had given them an extra 12 points by the 12 ties, one point per tie.

Only one other team has scored 130 points in a season: the 1995-96 Red Wings. This loaded squad was a point short of tying the Canadians’ record and finished the campaign with 131.

The Bruins’ franchise record is 121 points, set by the team in 1970-71.

rank team season Record Points
1 Montreal Canadiens 1976-77 60-8-12 132
2 Detroit Red Wings 1995-96 62-13-7 131
3 Montreal Canadiens 1977-78 59-10-11 129
4 Tampa Bay Blitz 2018-19 62-16-4 128
5 Montreal Canadiens 1975-76 58-11-11 127
6 Detroit Red Wings 2005-06 58-16-8 124
7 Florida Panther 2021-22 58-18-6 122
8th Boston Bruins 1970-71 57-14-7 121
Washington Capitals 2009-10 54-15-13 121
10 Montreal Canadiens 1972-73 51-10-16 120
Washington Capitals 2015-16 58-18-8 120

Which team holds the record for most wins in an NHL season?

Two teams share the record for most wins in an NHL season: the 1995-96 Red Wings and the 2018-19 Lightning.

These two teams each finished their respective seasons with 62 wins. Only one other team has ever racked up 60 wins in a season, and that’s the 1976-77 Canadiens.

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The Bruins’ franchise record for most wins is also held by the 1970-71 team. The team’s 57 wins rank eighth on the all-time list.

rank team season wins
1 Detroit Red Wings 1995-96 62
Tampa Bay Blitz 2018-19 62
3 Montreal Canadiens 1976-77 60
4 Montreal Canadiens 1977-78 59
5 Montreal Canadiens 1975-76 58
Detroit Red Wings 2005-06 58
Florida Panther 2021-22 58
8th Boston Bruins 1970-71 57
Edmonton oiler 1983-84 57
10 Edmonton oiler 1985-86 56
Washington Capitals 2015-16 56
Colorado Avalanche 2021-22 56
Pittsburgh penguins 1992-93 56

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