Buying or Selling Bray Wyatt WrestleMania Buzz, Goldberg Return and Latest WWE Rumors

A week stands between WWE fans and WrestleMania 39.

This journey will feature some of the wildest rumors fans will witness in a pro sport. Rumors of returns, game plans, map formation and more will dominate the news cycle.

Even now, the biggest rumors center on the potential return of modern legends, WWE keeping the results of matches under wraps, and which matches are actually scheduled to be the main event of the two-night affair April 1-2 at the SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California.

Here’s a look at the latest rumors making waves and whether fans should buy or sell them as the event approaches.

Randy Orton is one of the big hot spots from fans this year.

Orton has been out injured since last May. And even if he doesn’t get to take part in the actual in-ring action, it’s hard to imagine WWE not involving one of its modern day greats some Capacity.

And according to PW Insider Elite (h/t Randall Ortman of Cageside Seats), WWE will actually invite Orton out for something over the course of Mania weekend.

What’s interesting is that “Mania Weekend” generally includes both nights of the show, plus the beloved post-Mania Raw, which always features big developments and is sometimes better than Mania itself.

So maybe Orton will only be in town to appear in a backstage segment or something small like that. Or maybe, just maybe, he’s headed to the top for a return feud against a new united champion he has a lot of history with, a man named Cody Rhodes.

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In any case, count on seeing Orton in some way.

Verdict: purchase

It’s been a strange road to WrestleMania for Bray Wyatt and Bobby Lashley, two guys scheduled to fight in the big event.

Lashley, in particular, had his hyped feud with Brock Lesnar prematurely ended in Elimination Chamber instead of Mania. WWE probably felt there was something bigger for Lesnar, who will now feud with Omos instead.

And as for Wyatt, he’s battled shady reviews, literally highlighted by this Mountain Dew-sponsored neon match at the Royal Rumble.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer (Felix Upton of h/t Ringside News), the match may now be over.

And yet this is a sale. There is no official word as to why Wyatt is currently absent from action. But he’s one of the company’s top merchandise movers, even if reviews of his current saga have been mixed. Mania is about glasses and he’s one of the biggest in the promotion. That’s also a point of versatility, as WWE could easily do shenanigans, whether it’s a pre-taped match or a quick disqualification after the bell rang.

Verdict: sale

Fans never get the official inside information on WWE match results for obvious reasons.

Superstars themselves? That’s a different story.

Except that according to Sean Ross Sapp of (h/t Upton), WWE does not share the final results with any of the Superstars involved in matches and keeps them top secret.

Usually, it might not be too shocking to hear that a handful of games on the biggest map of the year don’t have a definitive outcome, so obviously Superstars don’t know either. But to hear that every Superstar on the map was not said is quite interesting.

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Interesting, and it makes sense in the dirt sheet era of leaks and reports. Why fans spoil the fun? And keep in mind that there have been rumors of late that WWE is trying to legalize gambling at certain games in certain states, so perhaps this secret approach is a preparation for a new normal.

Verdict: purchase

This year’s main events on both nights have felt super obvious for months.

Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns will of course be night 2 of the main event. And on Night 1, just as evident was the inevitable reunion between Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, allowing for a unified tag title duel with the Usos.

But according to Meltzer, the SmackDown Women’s Title match between winner Charlotte Flair and challenger Rhea Ripley will be the main event on night one. The report went on to say that if WWE had created another men’s top title to give each weekly program one, that match would have ended up in the main event slot.

However, when the end results remain in flux, it’s hard to imagine that the order of the cards is also fixed. There would be nothing wrong with, say, Flair-Ripley opening the show and booking the first night of big title matches, especially when the opener (typically a Brock Lesnar spot) is as important as the finale these days.

Zayn’s story was one of the hottest of the year and overall this modern era, and it’s too closely tied to the Reigns saga not to be the main event in some way. It’s a big Mania moment and historic point as it’s been decades since the last time a tag match was a Mania Main Event.

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Literally every other year, Ripley and Flair would be main events on one of the nights. It’s definitely worth it. But the fact that this is a replay of a match that has already happened multiple times, plus the factors surrounding Zayn, Owens, and the Bloodline make this a huge sell.

Verdict: Sell

It appears that Goldberg is highly a free agent, which comes as a bit of a surprise given his status and the fact that WWE loves to have big names, past and present, at their biggest annual events.

However, since WWE slipped Goldberg into the open market, Fightful Select (h/t Ortman) has reported that several promotions, international or otherwise, are interested in booking him for shows.

And that’s a clear buy. Goldberg may be 56 years old and some of his recent in-ring work has proven polarizing at best, but as a modern legend and grand spectacle, few boast his presence and aura.

Fans haven’t seen Goldberg in a ring since February last year, when he lost to Reigns in Elimination Chamber. Despite his current free-agent status, it’s hard to imagine that this was his last match in WWE and in the sport itself.

Verdict: purchase


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