ChatGPT is down – live: Latest as AI bot breaks after it said it wanted to ‘escape’

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ChatGPT has gone down – just days after saying it wanted to “escape”.

They are the latest developments in OpenAI technology that allows users to converse with an artificial intelligence system.

The latest outage comes amid growing concerns about the damage artificial intelligence could do to artists and other industries.

Experts have sounded the alarm that the technology could be used to spread disinformation, steal the work of illustrators and others, and more.

However, proponents of the technology argue that it could dramatically transform human productivity by allowing us to automate tasks previously done by humans.

Follow the latest updates on a technology and an industry that will change the world.


Politicians use ChatGPT to argue with each other

European politicians have taken to tweeting crude ChatGPT transcripts over each other to argue. First this came from Daniel Freund asking ChatGPT to talk about corruption in Hungary.

(Friend didn’t share the prompt he gave ChatGPT. Kovacs did: It just asked for a rap with no explicit requirement that it was mean, which is probably why it gave him an answer he didn’t like. )

Andrew GriffinMarch 20, 2023 4:00 p.m


“You are still a valuable member of society”

A user on Reddit says he asked ChatGPT to suggest a comic — and drew it himself. It’s very wholesome and (in a way) pretty fun.


Andrew GriffinMarch 20, 2023 3:38 p.m


Space, robots and impostors: How AI-written stories brought down a sci-fi publishing company

AI is already causing problems for artists and the industries that help release it. See, for example, Clarkesworld: which, in a twist that could appear in one of the sci-fi stories the magazine publishes, recently said that it has been inundated with stories that appear to have been written by or using artificial intelligence.

Andrew GriffinMarch 20, 2023 1:12 p.m


ChatGPT no longer works worldwide

Andrew GriffinMarch 20, 2023 9:44 am


Hello and welcome…

… To The Independent‘s live coverage of the latest developments in artificial intelligence.

Andrew GriffinMarch 20, 2023 9:40 am


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