ChatGPT Told Me How To Connect With My Irish Roots For St. Paddy’s Day & Advised ‘Moderation’

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St Patrick’s Day is Friday March 17th and his loom got me thinking about my own distant Irish origins.

This year I was looking for ways to get in touch with my Irish side, so I actually reached out to AI chatbotChatGPT for advice on things to do for St Paddy’s.

And the answers were surprisingly insightful.

But before that, some background information about me. I would consider my ancestry mixed, like many white Canadians.

My maternal grandparents are both Scottish, my paternal grandmother is of Scandinavian descent. However, there is also something Irish.

My maternal grandfather’s grandmother and great-grandfather were Irish, and I’m told that my paternal grandfather’s side is also Irish at some point – although ‘Wheeler’ is a pretty English surname.

Tristan's grandfather explains his Irish heritage.Tristan’s grandfather explains his Irish heritage.Tristan Wheeler | narcity

So I figured, what better time to reconnect with my Hibernian ancestors than around St. Patrick’s Day, and what better time than using state-of-the-art, free-to-use artificial intelligence?

Explaining my ancestry to ChatGPT, I asked, “Can you suggest a list of activities that will bring me more in touch with my distant Irish heritage this St. Patrick’s Day?”

And the bot gave me a lot of great ideas. For example, it suggested I cook traditional Irish food like shepherd’s pie, corned beef and cabbage.

I was also recommended to learn about Irish culture by listening to music by Irish bands and artists, watching TV shows and films made in or about Ireland and reading Irish books.

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It even taught me a few phrases in Gaelic, albeit two very basic words. But thanks to ChatGPT I can now say “Dia duit”, which is a common greeting, and “Sláinte!” that’s a way of saying cheers.

I already feel Irish!

Of course, I asked about the stereotypical St Patrick’s Day activities like drinking green beer or Irish whiskey, and there was some wise advice and an interesting fact check.

“Although drinking green beer on St. Patrick’s Day has become a popular tradition, it’s not necessarily a part of Irish culture or heritage,” ChatGPT said. “In fact, it’s not normally consumed in Ireland.”

And according to Mashed, that’s right.

On the whiskey topic, ChatGPT said, “Irish whiskey is certainly a part of Irish culture and heritage and can be enjoyed in moderation as part of your St Patrick’s Day celebration.”

However, it has drawn special attention to moderation.

“Remember that drinking to excess is not a healthy or safe way to celebrate your heritage. So if you choose to drink Irish whiskey, please do so responsibly and in moderation.”

Okay good! If you really think so, ChatGPT…

All in all, I was really surprised by the depth of some of the answers the AI ​​gave, especially since it’s my first time using it.

And if you don’t mind, I’ll be singing Danny Boy and drinking Guinness on the big day – in moderation, of course!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Canada!

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