City is seeking board and committee applicants for next term. Here’s how to apply

The City of Windsor has called on interested residents to apply for a civic role on one of its agencies, boards or committees, also known as its ABCs.

For anyone interested in taking on one of these roles, we’ve explored how and what it takes to serve your city in this way.

How do I apply?

Each of the different facilities that one can apply for is listed on a city website. There, the residents can read about the different jobs and find out what they are best suited for in terms of qualifications and time commitment.

“That’s all laid out for the public to review and see if there’s a match in terms of what they can offer,” said city clerk Steve Vlachodimos, adding that there’s an application that can belongs to every profile.

“They can apply online or they can drop it off at City Hall.”

City Clerk Steve Vlachodimos says there will be a second batch of applications later this year or early next year. (Stacey Janzer/CBC)

The application deadline is Friday, November 18th. He said successful applicants should be in by the end of the year.

What can I request?

These are the different institutions that people can apply for:

  • The Adjustment Committee.
  • Standing Committee on Development and Heritage – Planning Act Matters.
  • Standing Committee on Development and Heritage – Cultural Heritage Affairs.
  • Real Estate Standards Committee.
  • Windsor Accessibility Advisory Committee.
  • Windsor Essex Community Housing Corporation.
  • Board of Windsor Police Services.
  • Board of the Windsor Public Library.
  • Board of the Windsor Detroit Tunnel.
  • YQG Board.
  • Windsor Licensing Commission.
  • Board of Directors of Roseland Golf and Curling Club.
  • Windsor Supply Commission.
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Do I need any experience?

Vlachodimos says those who apply should have an interest in governance that makes the city better and can bring expertise or a different point of view than council members.

“It just varies in terms of life experience or education. All of that is taken into account.”

Specific expertise would certainly be added in the Standing Committee on Development and Heritage dealing with planning law issues.

“You would definitely need some experience and expertise in land use planning,” he said.

How am I selected?

Vlachodimos said the volunteers would be selected during an appointment meeting with council members within a week or two of the council’s new term beginning.

“[Council tries] to find the best candidate, who has the best skills to match it with any of the 11 companies listed so far,” he said.

“They also look at diversity … so that’s factored in too.”

Surprisingly, residency is not a requirement. Vlachodimos said that the Council abolished the residency requirement a few terms ago.

“They want the best possible expertise,” he said.

Why should I apply?

Massimo De Menech is a resident who served on the board of directors of the WIndsor Public Library for the duration of this tenure. He stepped forward to do this because the library meant to him as a child.

“The public library downtown was always where I would go on a Sunday afternoon with my siblings and my parents,” he said.

“I wanted to be able to contribute to future generations.”

He said he thinks every citizen needs to get involved and this is one way to do it.

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“They need to be involved in the decisions that are made in the community. Their voices need to be heard. Their opinions need to be checked,” he said.

“Many people in the City of Windsor feel their voices are not being heard. This is an opportunity by accepting this call from the City of Windsor to apply for these positions,” he said.

do i get paid

Some positions are paid, others are not. For example, the listing of the Board of Directors of Roseland Golf and Curling Club and Airport is among those listings stating that board members are compensated at the direction of the council while other posts are not.

“Often people apply simply because they have a passion for local government and want to contribute and share their expertise,” Vlachodimos said.

how much work is it

Different units have different opening times. For example, the Adaptation Committee meets once a month for between 45 minutes and 1.5 hours, while the Windsor Utilities Commission only meets five times a year.

Is this my only chance to apply?

no Vlachodimos said there will be another set of posts later this year or early next year.

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