Clearpool Chooses Polygon As Institutional Lending Platform, Free NFTs From Failed Super Bowl Ad Go Viral

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Here are some of the latest developments from the crypto world over the past few days

Decentralized finance protocol (DeFi) Clearpool has announced that it will exclusively deploy its institutional lending platform Prime on the network of Ethereum scaling tool Polygon.

“We have worked closely with the Polygon team since we rolled out the permissionless protocol on Polygon in June,” CoinDesk quoted Rob Alcorn, CEO of Clearpool as saying.

Clearpool Prime, which is expected to be operational before the end of March this year, will act as an institutional capital marketplace where borrowers can pool loans and liquidity providers can invest to earn returns.

“Expect a wide range of borrower profiles: from traditional trading firms to different types of crypto-native players. Prime is also attractive to fintechs offering lending solutions in the world of TradFi (traditional finance), such as B. Emerging market lending,” Alcorn said.

This move by Clearpool is significant because borrowing and lending via competing protocols such as Maple and TrueFi took place primarily on Ethereum’s network.

Polygon has notable partnerships with Instagram and Starbucks for its Proof-of-Stake blockchain, which offers cheaper and faster transactions while relying on Ethereum’s network for security.

DigiDaigaku’s Free NFTs Sell for $700 Despite Super Bowl Promotion Fails

Crypto ads were absent from this year’s Super Bowl. However, there was a commercial for a non-fungible token (NFT) game that contained a QR code that could be scanned for a free collectible. Some viewers couldn’t snag the free NFT as expected – but some who got it are flipping it for hundreds of dollars.

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Web 3.0 gaming startup Limit Break said it paid $6.5 million for the commercial promoting a free Ethereum NFT coin for its anime-inspired game project DigiDaigaku. The company claimed the commercial had code that viewers could use to mint a free NFT.

However, Decrypt reported that many viewers said scanning the QR code simply redirected them to the Twitter profile of Limit Break CEO Gabriel Leydon.

Some lucky users who received free NFTs have traded them for more than 0.5 ETH (over $750) right after minting, although the price has fallen and risen over time, Decrypt said.

PUMA launches new NFT collection

Legendary sports brand PUMA has announced the launch of a full digital makeover and PFP-NFT project for its mascot, Super PUMA. The new collection celebrates the brand’s 75th anniversary by introducing new technologies and experiences.

Super PUMA was originally a comic published in the 1970s. The all-new PUMA NFT brings the character to the digital realm as a PFP avatar on the blockchain. With Super PUMA Digital Collectibles, the company establishes itself as the first traditional brand on 10KTF.

Super PUMA holders can thus place digital items on 10KTF blanks and participate in 10KTF missions.


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