‘Counter-Strike 2’ Expected To Release Today After Latest Leak

*To update*- Valve has confirmed Counter-Strike 2 is real and revealed it will be out this summer.

The wait could finally be over. After weeks of rumors and speculation, it looks like it Counterstrike 2the update on CS:GO which will bring it to the Source 2 engine is finally set to launch later today if the latest leak is to be believed.

Twitter user @gabefollowerwho was one of the leading detectives in all fields Counterstrike 2, noted that many new backend changes have been added, many of which contain the word “today”. That would indicate that Valve is now trolling us through backend updates, or the much more likely option is this Counterstrike 2 will finally start later today.

It was backend branch updates like this that led to a lot of the information we know Counterstrike 2. These updates have revealed that the Source 2 update is genuine, is likely to be called Counterstrike 2 in some form or at least internally, and given the increase in references to it in recent weeks, suggests it’s close to launch. To date, Valve hasn’t added a misdirection to any of these updates, so starting with a troll release date now would be uncharacteristic.

Another fan theory also gives credit to the idea Counterstrike 2 can start later today. When Valve first updated CS:GO The Twitter picture showed five bodies. The initial theory was that this was a five-hour countdown, which was quickly debunked when five hours elapsed and nothing happened. But then when Valve updated the Twitter image again yesterday, it showed a dead body, and it arrived four days after the previous image. If the countdown was for days and not hours, that would mean the release date is today.

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This is by far the most likely release date we’ve had to date when it comes to that Counterstrike 2, but that’s no guarantee it’ll launch today. As we all know, Valve releases things when they’re ready, even if that means waiting a very long time.

It’s also worth noting that Tuesdays are usually the day when Steam goes on maintenance or is updated. The first reason this is relevant is to note that just because Steam gets an update or goes down doesn’t mean it does CS2 starts. But it could also be a good way to hide backend changes for updates counterstrike 2. If the update requires some downtime to launch new servers or update old ones, the time to do so would be when Steam is down as fewer people would notice.

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