COVID-19: One new death in Ottawa, latest OPH update says


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(reported Friday, last update Wednesday)

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1: New deaths

1,019: total deaths

18: Ottawa resident hospitalized with active infections

2: In intensive care due to active infections

86: Confirmed COVID-19 patients in Ottawa hospitals as of Wednesday (including residents outside of Ottawa), 44 hospitalized for COVID-19 (1 in ICU) and 42 for other reasons (2 in ICU)

88: New COVID-19 cases (case numbers are considered underestimated as testing is limited to certain groups)

89,974: total number of cases

26: Ongoing outbreaks in institutional settings

12:34 p.m.: percent test positivity (seven-day average as of Wednesday)

Source: Ottawa Public Health

Ottawa Public Health Respiratory and Enteric Surveillance Report updated February 22. Photo by Ottawa Public Health/Handout /jpeg

The current situation in Ottawa

COVID-19 activity was similar to the previous week based on sewage monitoring, the percentage of lab tests that came back positive and new outbreaks at health facilities in a weekly update from Ottawa Public Health covering Feb. 12-18 and on Wednesday has been published.

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The health unit said an overall assessment for influenza and other respiratory viruses was not available for this week.

OPH recommends “layered protection” against respiratory viruses, including updating flu and COVID-19 shots, wearing a well-fitting mask indoors or in crowded spaces, and staying home if you’re sick.

How to get vaccinated against COVID-19 (and flu) in Ottawa

Flu shots are available from pharmacies, and OPH flu vaccine clinics serve children ages six months to five years and their household members, as well as non-OHIP individuals who were unable to obtain the vaccine through pharmacies or healthcare providers.

How to get tested and treated in Ottawa

Pharmacists can dispense Paxlovid, an antiviral drug to reduce severe consequences of COVID-19, to eligible individuals free of charge, both in person and virtually. People can use Ontario’s online COVID-19 antiviral treatments screener to determine if they are at higher risk of serious illness and could benefit from the drugs.
Ottawa residents can visit the Department of Health’s website to find out who is currently eligible for testing and how to book testing and get treatment at local nursing clinics or assessment centers.
Families can also visit CHEO’s site to see when to go to the ER and find alternatives to the ER.

Where to get rapid COVID-19 tests

Ontario has extended a program of free rapid antigen test kits for COVID-19 through the end of June.

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