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There are 9 different trophies or achievements behind boss fights in Cult of the Lamb and these are the easiest ways to get them.

Cult of the Lamb Bosses

to be that cult of the Lamb Part of Rogue-Lite, there are a number of different strategies that players can use to gain an advantage in battle. Additionally, if you’re a trophy or achievement hunter, you’ll need to be flawless in some of the game’s boss fights, or just be very, very lucky. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to taking down those pesky cult leaders without taking any damage.

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As we mentioned above, there are nine trophies, or achievements, locked behind boss fights. While you earn five of them simply by defeating the five main bosses cult of the Lamb, the other four must be unlocked by re-fighting the leaders of each rival cult without taking any damage. If you are not sure how to fight the bosses again, that’s covered in one of the guides above that we’ve specially labeled for you. Otherwise we just have to work on your strategies.

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cult of the Lamb

First of all, you will want it Do a few dry runs on the bosses to remind you of their movesets and the gestures they perform before certain attacks. This might sound irritating, but it’s pretty much a requirement since it’s probably been quite a while since you first fought them. With that step out of the way, it’s up to your fleeces to gain additional advantages over your opponents.

Once again, the fleece guide is also specially marked at the top if you need to know how to unlock them. The two you will want the most are the Golden Fleece and the Fleece of Fates. If you learn enemy movements and patterns well enough, With the Golden Fleece you can gain an insane advantage in cult of the lamb, since it stacks damage based on how many enemies you’ve killed without taking a hit. Stack enough damage with a heavy-hitting weapon, and you can kill a boss in just 3-5 hits.

In the meantime, if you’d rather take a Scattershot approach, try the Fleece of Fates instead. As you already know, tarot cards can give you a real advantage cult of the lamb, and The Fleece of Fates automatically starts you with 4 random cards at the beginning of each dungeon. If trying to avoid hitting with the Golden Fleece is driving you crazy, then simply use this one to give yourself an easy advantage for re-fighting bosses.

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