Cult of the Lamb – How to Get All Follower Skins

Although the skins in Cult of the Lamb are primarily for cosmetic purposes only, there is a trophy or achievement tied to collecting them all.

The macabre little rogue-lite and farming simulator cult of the Lamb has been creeping charmingly into the hearts of gamers for weeks. With its cute take on the most terrifying and disturbing aspects of human nature, even in the darkest moments of this silly little game, you can’t help but laugh.

Don’t let yourself go anyway cult of the Lamb‘s aesthetics fool you; There are many challenges in this game and finding all the collectibles is at the top of the heap. But no worry; We’re going to help you with some of the toughest collectibles right here with ours Follower Skins Guide.

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How to get all skins in Cult of the Lamb

There are dozens of skins to unlock cult of the lamb, but luckily you can snag a few just by playing the game normally. As you make your way through the four dungeons, you’ll find chests offering random skins from each area, you’ll encounter vendors who will sell them to you, and they’ll appear as rewards for defeating certain bosses.

Additionally, you can also buy skins from each of the areas that are accessible from the hub. As you unlock each of the five explorable areas, they all contain a shrine that can be used to purchase all but a few missing skins in your collection. The ones that cannot be bought or found by chance will form the basis of the rest of this guide.

cult of the Lamb


Once you unlock The Lonely Shack you can teleport to this area and visit Ratau. However, once you’re there, look behind a stack of firewood and tap the “Confirm” button to find a special rat skin and add it to your collection.


This one is pretty easy to get too. Once you’ve unlocked the Pilgrim’s Passage, just go there and play the Fishing mini-game and you should be catching this skin in no time.


Also in the pilgrim passage is the lighthouse. Help the Lighthouse Cult by bringing him the wood he asked for to repair the tower. After that, they will ask for 25 crystal shards, which can only be collected in Anchordeep by smashing the purple rocks scattered around the area. Once you bring them these crystals, you will be rewarded with this skin.


For this one, simply head to the Smugglers’ Passage once you’ve unlocked it and chase a crab around while tapping the confirm button until it spawns for you.

Cult of the Lamb Bosses


The Midas Cave is the last area you unlock cult of the Lamb, but once you do, you can grab this one on your first trip if you like. Just look behind the piles of gold surrounding Midas’ Throne by tapping the confirm button and it should pop up for you too.


In order to get the wolf skin, you need to complete a secret quest line that can only be activated at night in certain locations on the map. A detailed guide to all locations and requirements can be found at the end of our fleece guide.


To get this delightfully silly skin, you need to feed your followers the Bowl of Poop recipe ten times. It takes three pieces of poop to make each bowl, and once you’ve fed ten followers this disgusting dish, the skin will automatically pop open. Just be aware, don’t do this all at once or you could get into real trouble as many cult members may become ill and lose faith as a result of use.


This one is a bit tricky. As you play through Darkwood and Anura, you’ll occasionally encounter green snails, which can be killed for a chance to collect a snail shell. Once you have five of these, you’ll find a Snail Shrine in all five explorable areas. Since these are insanely hard to find, we’ll just link you to a video showing their locations.

Massive Beast

No one would likely find this skin on their own. To unlock Massive Monsters you need to find the Snail Trader. You can encounter him randomly at any map node marked with the shop icon and a smaller food icon below it. Once there, attack his massive wife until he challenges you to a fight. Once you defeat him, he will give you the Massive Monster Statue Blueprint as a peace offering. After building this, go to him at night when his eyes glow red and pray to him for that final skin.

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