Cult Of The Lamb: How To Revive Followers

cult of the Lamb gives players a lot of freedom when it comes to how they want to run their cult. City-building mechanics are underscored by a series of rituals, tenets, and decisions players must make in relation to their followers. There are also random events and quests where cult members will sometimes ask their fleece-covered leader for a favor. The Lamb even has the ability to mercilessly sacrifice their fellowship to gain power or they can ascend them to a higher plane of existence.


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But even without the threat of divine guidance, followers will eventually die of disease, old age, or one another. While losing a favorite pendant can be heartbreaking, players have the option to retrieve it from the grave through a special ritual. Here’s everything players need to know about reviving followers in cult of the Lambincluding how to unlock the ritual and what exactly it does.

How to unlock the revival ritual

In order for players to unlock the ability to revive their followers, they must first get their hands on the appropriate ritual. Luckily, it’s not too difficult to unlock, but it does require players to collect at least two stone tablets in order to create Doctrines (This doesn’t include the first tablet, which is part of the tutorial). These key items are obtained by merging three separate stone tablet pieces that players can obtain through either city management or Crusades.

Players will find a stone tablet piece at the end of each crusade run after defeating the appropriate mini-boss (or main boss). It is also possible that during their crusade, players will come across a specialized shop where they can snag a stone tablet piece for free. Perhaps the easiest way to get Stone Tablet Pieces is by increasing Follower Loyalty. There are multiple ways to do this, and players can even increase loyalty by blessing (or inspiring) and gifting a follower. Each time a follower levels up, he rewards the Lamb with a Tablet Shard.

Once players have enough stone tablets, they will want to go to the church and submit a new doctrine. The ritual they are looking for is in the second stage of the afterlife. There you can choose Ritual of Resurrection and gain the ability to bring followers back from the dead for 75 Bones and -15 Faith.

What does reviving a follower do?

Resurrecting a follower brings them back from the grave and puts them back into a player’s cult like nothing ever happened. Best of all, it resets the clock and treats them like they’re younger while maintaining all of their loyalty tiers. This means players will find their unlocked traits intact, making Resurrection an incredibly valuable tool for cultivating and retaining a crowd of followers with great traits. Unfortunately, the ritual comes with a long cooldown. Despite this, the ritual of resurrection is all-encompassing, meaning players can even bring back followers they sacrificed or ascended, not just those who have come of old age (or other unfortunate circumstance).

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