Deborah Pagani Hair Pin: How to Use It + Dupes

I’ve become obsessed with a certain luxury hairpin since I saw it on Ella Potter’s TikTok. If you’re unfamiliar, Potter and her mom cover all things style, and Deborah Pagani’s hairpin popped up in one of her videos as the best thing she’s gotten in a PR package this week.

Since then, I’ve seen the infamous and now viral Deborah Pagani pin everywhere. Several friends have even asked me if I have one – and now I finally have one. someone pinches me

Now that I’ve gotten a taste of the Deborah Pagani pin myself, I don’t know if I can use my others. I love nothing more than a good gold accessory and a chic, damage-free way to tie your hair in a bun. The weight of the DP hairpin sets it apart from most hairpins on the market, making it easier to handle and providing a more secure grip.

Read on if you’re looking for a dupe, how to jump on the hairpin trend without the DP price tag, and how to use the DP pin yourself.

How to use Deborah Pagani’s hairpin

Most of the questions floating around the internet have to do with using the Deborah Pagani hairpin and of course Deborah Pagani hairpin dupes. I have to say there is definitely a learning curve with bobby pins and I was never able to attach one in my own hair until I tried the DP pin.

I was able to master using the DP hairpin with just two videos. All along I thought you could just stick the needle in your bun and it would hold, but it requires a special technique. I watched this video of Potter explaining how to weave the needle into a knot for a fort.

This video by Deborah Pagani YouTube also helped as they explain how to use the big pin and the small pin for different styles. The biggest difference is that the small pin is better hidden in a topknot than when using the large pin where you can see the metal for a chic look.

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Twist and wrap your bun.
  2. Take the pen upside down.
  3. Pass the needle through a small amount at the top of your bun.
  4. Anchor it and flip the pin back up to slide it through the rest of the bun.

Best Deborah Pagani Dupes With Hairpins

While Deborah Pagani’s hairpin is truly the cream of the crop, I know it’s not in everyone’s budget. With the large pin costing $99 and the small pin costing $79, this is a nice chunk of loose change. So I’ve taken the liberty of rounding up a few hairpins like Deborah Pagani’s that are a little more accessible to the everyday person.

Kristen Ess French Pin Gold Set

$10 at

These pins are flimsy, so be sure to use both to secure your bun. Follow the same steps to secure them above!

Kristen Ess French Pin Gold Set |  mane addicts
(Image source:

The Hair Edit Large Gold French Hair Pin

$10 at

This one is thicker than Kristen Ess’ pins, but still not as thick and durable as Deborah Pagani’s pin. But it has a great hold and fits the look perfectly.

Hair Edit Big Gold French |  mane addicts
(Image source:

Amazon U-Shaped Hairpins

$8.49 at

Amazon always gets in the clutch for hair accessory dupes. These have a little more bling with their pearlescent tops. Use one or two, they are thick enough for a secure grip either way.

Amazon U Shape |  mane addicts
(Image source:

Bachca gold hairpin

$9 at

We love the slight curve this one has towards the tip of the pen. It’s very easy to learn how to secure and the curve definitely helps keep everything in place.

Bachca Gold |  mane addicts
(Image source:

Scünci U pins made of metal

$8.79 at

These are short like the little Deborah Pagani pins but definitely not recommended if you have super long or thick hair. Try these out with shorter hairstyles or jazz up a ponytail by tucking one into your elastic.

Scünci U pins made of metal |  mane addicts
(Image source:

Free People Chimmi Chantilly Hairpin

$10 at

These are gorgeous and long lasting – I love the contrast between the color options and recommend using both at the same time. You may need a little practice to get a secure grip as the spacing between the prongs is much thinner than the Deborah Pagani pens.

Free People Chimmi Chantilly Hairpin |  mane addicts
(Image source:

Willbond 6 pcs Silver and Gold U Shaped Hairpins

$13.99 at

Amazon strikes again! These feel similar to Deborah Pagani’s hairpin in terms of weight and length. Also, I love that they come in a pack with a few different metals.

Willbond 6 Pack Silver & Gold Metal U Shaped Hair Pins |  mane addicts
(Image source:

Mae Mae hairpins

$32 at

Who wouldn’t look stunning in this? They complement any hair color with their gorgeous pearl reflection.

Mae Mae Hairpins |  mane addicts
(Image source:

Oribe hairpin

$80 at

This is the most similar to Deborah Pagani’s hairpin in all aspects: style, weight, safety and size. It’s not much cheaper than the actual DP pin, but still nice.

Oribe hairpin |  mane addicts
(Image source:

Soko Large Kali Textured Hairpin

$68 at

This needle comes highly recommended and is great for all hair textures and types including fine hair. It’s big enough for a firm, secure grip.

Soko Large Kali Textured Hairpin |  mane addicts
(Image source:

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