Desktop Shortcuts: How to create desktop shortcuts with the Google Chrome browser

Google Chrome was originally officially launched in 2008. It was released as an official beta version for Windows XP and later versions, supported 43 languages ​​and was later released on December 11, 2008. Everyone has a favorite online site that they visit as soon as they open the browser. We all have that one site that we feel is more important than the others, whether it’s CNN, Gmail, or your favorite tech site (ours). That’s why you should know how to create a desktop shortcut to a website so that you can find out what’s going on in the world right away, not two minutes later.

Luckily, things just got easier with Google Chrome, which adds clickable links to your desktop so you can navigate to a webpage with a single click. How to use Chrome to create desktop shortcuts for your favorite online sites.


Google has advised its users to immediately install a security update on its Chrome browser to protect against a serious bug that hackers are actively exploiting.


On your computer, open Chrome, click More in the top right, and then click Help. In the About Google Chrome session, click Refresh. And if you can’t find this button, use the latest version, and then click Restart.

Google vulnerability

The tech giant said it was aware of reports that an exploit for “CVE-2022-3075” existed in the wild and mentioned the vulnerability as “Insufficient data validation in Mojo” reported by an anonymous security researcher.

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Google statement

Access to bug details and links will likely remain limited until the majority of users are updated with a fix, Google said in a security update. Chrome maintains restrictions when the bug is present in a third-party library.


The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) has warned users about hackers who exploit vulnerabilities by sending specially crafted requests to the target system that attack, execute arbitrary code and bypass security restrictions on the target system.

How to create a Google Chrome desktop shortcut

1. Go to your favorite page and click the “•••” icon on the top right corner of the screen.
2. Choose More Tools.
3. Choose Create Shortcut.
4. Change the shortcut name.
5. Choose Create. If you select Open as window, the link will be available without an editable search box the next time you open it.

You now have a desktop shortcut that takes you straight to Chrome!


What is Chrome?

Google Chrome is a cross-platform web browser. Introduced in 2008, it was built using free software components from Mozilla Firefox and Apple WebKit.

What is a website?

World Wide Web hypertext documents provide the user with web pages, which are then displayed in a web browser.

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