Destiny 2 Champions: How To Defeat Barrier, Overload, And Unstoppable Champions

Some of Destiny 2’s best PvE content can be found in Lost Sectors, Master Raids, and high-level Nightfall Strikes, which offer a more challenging experience. In these activities, you’re also likely to encounter champions, tough opponents who can easily wipe you out if you bring the wrong gear to a fight. Barrier, Overload, and Unstoppable Champions can be found in Destiny 2, and each is a unique opponent that can melt through your defenses before you have a chance to realize you’re terribly outnumbered.

Champions aren’t invincible, though, and once you know what to equip your Guardian with, you can take a powerful stance against them. Here’s how you can turn the tables against some of the deadliest enemies in Destiny 2.

Equip what

The seasonal artifact Season of Plunder
The seasonal artifact Season of Plunder

Defeating champions requires either specific exotic weapons or special armor mods that change each season. These can be acquired from the seasonal artifact, and you must level up this item to unlock the champion killing mods in the first column.

Each mod is designed to combat a specific champion’s special abilities with a specific weapon type, such as: B. Auto Rifles for Barrier Champions in Season of Plunder. Once you have these mods on your armor, your weapons will automatically load anti-champion rounds that can stop these enemies. For example, Anti-Barrier rounds pierce a Barrier Champion’s shields, and Anti-Overload rounds prevent those cunning enemies from constantly teleporting around you.

Once you’ve done enough damage, champions remain in a brief stun and you can focus on reducing them to their size.

How to defeat Unstoppable Champions

Destiny 2’s juggernauts, Unstoppable Champions can soak up a ridiculous amount of damage, won’t flinch if you throw everything you’ve got at them, and will hunt you to the ends of a map. You can expect the most powerful enemy types in Destiny 2 to be called permanent unstoppable champions, including the Cabal Incendor, Hive Ogre, Scorn Abomination, and Taken Phalanx. To stop them, you need to equip a seasonal Unstoppable Champion Stagger mod that will stun these enemies and reduce their damage output.

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The weapons these mods can utilize change each season, but there are a few exotic weapons that have built-in anti-unstoppable abilities:

  • bastion – Fusion Rifle
  • Devil’s Ruins – Sidearm
  • leviathans breath — Bow
  • wrongdoing — hand cannon

In Season 19, you can use Shotguns and Pulse Rifles to eliminate these champions:

  • Anti-Unstoppable Shotguns – Weapon mod
  • Anti Unstoppable Pulse Rifles – Weapon mod

Additionally, hunters can equip the exotic gauntlets Athrys’ embracewho can stagger Unstoppable Champions with an empowered Weighted Knife.

How to defeat Overload Champions

Tenacious is a family-friendly word that can be used to describe Overload Champions, as these enemies can be a nightmare if you’re ill-prepared for them. Overload Champions are a nimble menace that constantly regenerates health, teleports across the battlefield, and unleashes a volley of shots at any moment. You’ll need to stagger them with the appropriate mod unlocked on the seasonal artifact as you level up, and you can expect to come across multiple species of these champions.

Expect fierce resistance from Fallen Captains, Scorn Chiefs, Taken Hobgoblins, and Vex Minotaurs displaying highly aggressive behavior. To make the hunt easier, you can also equip these Exotic Weapons, which have the intrinsic benefits of Anti-Overload Champions:

  • deity — Trace Rifle
  • Le monarchy — Heavy Bow
  • thunderlord — machine gun

Warlocks can equip the exotic boots secant filamentsthat will disrupt Overload Champions as long as you and your allies stand in a strengthening rift.

Bows and machine guns are the weapons of choice for Season 19 if you want to stop Overload Champions:

  • Anti-Overload Arches – Weapon mod
  • Anti-overload machine gun – Weapon mod
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How to defeat Barrier Champions

One of the more annoying enemies – especially when facing a Servitor – Barrier Champions will waste no time destroying a nearly impenetrable shield once you’ve knocked down its health bar. The only way to overcome this defense is with the right seasonal mod, which grants shield-piercing rounds to a specific weapon. You should also switch to this anti-shield weapon quickly, because as soon as a Barrier champion activates their defenses, they will start regenerating health. The Anti-Champion mods only work on them if they activate their shield, and popping it will briefly stun that enemy.

In addition to Servitors, who have a nasty habit of constantly shielding their allies around them, you can also expect to encounter a Cabal Colossus, Hive Knight, and Vex Hobgoblin, all titled Barrier. For Exotics, you can use these weapons, which have built-in shield-piercing rounds:

  • Arbalest – Linear Fusion Rifle
  • Erianas vow — hand cannon
  • The lawsuit — sword
  • WishEnd — Bow

Titans can equip the Exotic Gauntlets Second chancewhich grants a second charge of shield toss melee and adds a shield-piercing stun effect to Barrier Champions.

As for the seasonal mods, you can use medium and long range weapons when dealing with these tough enemies:

  • Anti-Barrier Scout Rifles – Weapon mod
  • Anti-Barrier Auto Rifles – Weapon mod
  • Anti-barrier sniper rifle – Weapon mod

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