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That Nintendo Switch™ Sports The game has been out for a while now, so you might have gotten some good practice for tennis, volleyball, soccer, chambara (Japanese sword fighting), badminton, and bowling. But if you need a little help, the developers behind the game have some tips just for you! Well, those are tips for anyone reading this. But you know what we mean!

This is Part I, so keep an eye out Part II also.


  • Did you know that in tennis you can change your shot depending on how you hit the ball? For example, gently twist your wrist when you hit the ball to give it some topspin. This will send the ball flying far – try this when your opponent is close to the net!

  • Also, try gently twisting your wrist as if you’re paddling from below to give the ball backspin. This causes the ball to be severely deflected to the side, which can make it difficult for the opponent to return it.

  • Repel the ball by gently swinging the Joy-Con™ controller from low to high for a “lob” that arcs the ball high. If your Sportsmate is running out of stamina, this is a good way to reset yourself.

  • This has nothing to do with shots, but in the staff credits you can play tennis against… the staff credits?! If you reach a certain score, you can achieve a “special title”.

Play online in the pro league

  • If you have a lot of success in the Pro League, beating opponents back-to-back, you may be compared to athletes who rank much higher than you. Show them what you’re made of!

  • It’s hard to excel in survival bowling, but it also appears to be the sport with the most Pro League invitees. If you haven’t made your Pro League debut yet, you should receive an invite once you’ve repeatedly successfully completed the first round.

  • In Survival Bowling, special lanes (which add some crazy hazards and obstacles) appear as you play multiple times. As you climb the ranks of the Pro League, it becomes easier for specialty lanes to spawn.

  • Teams in soccer are balanced based on the win percentage of all members. So in a match full of A-ranked athletes, you might see a D-ranked athlete added to the mix. Just don’t underestimate them!

  • If the network drops several times, you won’t be able to “play globally” for a while. Also, when you disconnect, the meter for advancing to the next rank decreases. Please try to play to the end of a game – let’s all do our best!

Unlock content for your Sportsmate

This is more of a reminder than a tip, but if you play online you will earn points after each game. After every 100 points you earn, you can redeem your points for new cosmetic items from a specific collection. Completing an entire collection earns you what’s called a “Completion Bonus,” which is often a swanky in-game outfit or costume like the Soccer Onesie! Collections rotate every three weeks, so don’t delay.

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We hope these tips give you a deeper insight into the game. Good luck out there!

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