Diablo 4 – How to Get Murmuring Obols, Whispering Keys, and Open Silent Chests

Gambling is back in Diablo 4, allowing you to roll the RNG dice for a chance at tasty loot. But this time, instead of issuing gold, Blizzard introduced an alternative gambling currency called Murmuring Obols. This begs the question, how do you get mumbling obols in Diablo 4?

In this guide we will explain the best way to get a steady flow of Obols and how to spend them to get Whispering Keys and unlock Silent Chest.

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How to get murmuring obols in Diablo 4

Character that starts a world event in Diablo 4

In Diablo 4, there is currently only one guaranteed way to get Murmuring Obols and that is by completing World Events. These are random events that knock out waves of enemies for a short time, usually a few minutes. You will receive 20 muttering obols for completing a world event in Diablo 4.

World event on the map in Diablo 4

World Events show up fairly regularly as you explore Sanctuary. They appear on the map as an orange triangle with three dots. As you get closer, the triangle turns into an orange circle, showing the area where the event is taking place. To start a world event, enter the orange ring. A message on the screen confirms that the event has started.

Location of the supplier of curiosities on the map in Diablo 4

You can then spend Murmuring Obols to gamble for loot at Curiosity Vendors scattered throughout Sanctuary. In the Diablo 4 beta, visit Lizveth, the Curio Purveyor, located southeast of Kyovashad, south of the Forge, and southeast of the Kyovashad waypoint.

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Curio Supplier Item List and Murmuring Obols Cost

Murmuring obols cost in Diablo 4

Here is a list of Murmuring Obols costs for each dare roll:

  • Sword – 50 obols
  • Dagger – 50 obols
  • Bow – 75 obols
  • Crossbow – 75 obols
  • Cap – 40 obols
  • Tunic – 40 Oboles
  • Gloves – 25 obols
  • Boots – 25 obols
  • Pants – 40 obols
  • Wand – 50 obols
  • Staff – 75 obols
  • Amulet – Obole

How to get whisper keys and open silent chests in Diablo 4

Character at Silent Chest in Diablo 4

As you explore Sanctuary, you will come across Silent Chests. As you interact with these chests, you will learn that Whispering Keys are required to unlock them. You can purchase Whispering Keys from Lizveth, Purveyor of Curiosities, in Kyovashad, or other Curiosity Vendors for 20 Murmuring Obols.

Interact with the Silent Chest using a Whispering Key in your inventory to unlock it and access the loot inside. We recommend always having a Whisper Key or two on you in case you stumble upon a chest. If not, you can always fast travel to a town, buy a key, and then port back to the chest.

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This covers how to get muttering oboles, how to get whispering keys, and how to open silent chests in Diablo 4. Check Out Diablo 4 Holy Cedar Tablet Choice – Does It Matter? and Diablo 4 Beta world boss spawn times – when can I fight Ashava?

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