Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Catch The Glittering Herring

Disney Dreamlight Valley is packed with quests to complete for your many beloved villagers, and they’re usually as simple as navigating the valley, getting items, or talking to other friends. But in the case of Elsa’s level 6 What Home Feels Like quest, you need to catch one Sparkling herring in a specific location during a specific weather event, so read on to find out how to fish one.

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How to catch the sparkling herring

What Home Feels Like challenges her to assemble a wide array of ingredients needed to cook the Fish Pie menu that she hopes will make her feel more at home in your valley. One of those ingredients is rarity Sparkling herring, not to be confused with the standard herring, which you can fish almost any other time. Instead you have to Go to the Glade of Trust on a rainy day and fish for the Sparkling Herring.

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If you arrive at the Glade of Confidence in the middle of a storm, look for a gold fishing wave, as that’s where you have the highest chance of catching a Sparkling Herring – although it’s worth noting that you can still catch a lobster from these waves as well , so it may take some time. If you don’t see golden waves, be sure to fish normal waves until you get one to spawn.

Note: As of this writing, many players have reported being able to catch the Sparkling Herring before accepting the What Home Feels Like quest. If this happens to you, it can block progress in the quest, forcing you to wait for a future patch that will hopefully fix the bug. Some players say they can use the previously caught fish to complete the quest, while others say it doesn’t work for them. Your mileage may vary.

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