Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Get Emeralds | Rare Material Locations Guide

Wish for a star because emeralds are sometimes ridiculously hard to find.

Disney Dreamlight Valley

The most annoying stuff you can find Disney Dreamlight Valley could go to the rare emeralds. Depending on your luck, you can find more than 10 in a few minutes of work or not find a single emerald in days of searching. If you’re stuck and have no idea where to get emeralds for your quests, we have a few tips you should know. Unfortunately, there is no sure way to find emeralds. There’s no specific mineral node that you can mine over and over again – and emeralds don’t spawn in specific locations or realms. It really is a matter of luck, but you can greatly improve your chances with a few simple methods.

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How to Find Emeralds | Hard to find mineral guide

emeralds and gems are rare materials found only in mineral knots – Stone Rocks that you can hit with your pickaxe to spawn rocky materials. Mineral nodes randomly produce different types of stones, but you can guarantee specific types of gems by mining nodes with visible colorful gems.

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emeralds are the rarest type of gemstones. Drop rates are ridiculously low. But emeralds will fall from everyone mineral knots. Even black mineral knots have a chance to drop emeralds.

  • How to find emeralds: Look for mineral nodes on the map. There are several of these nodes that appear on the rock face barriers in each region – the more regions you’ve unlocked, the more nodes you’ll have access to.
    • To increase your chances of finding emeralds – Bring in companion With Mining level 10.

The better your mining companion, the more likely you are to find Bonus Rare Gems. You can go days without finding Emeralds – so just keep trying these knots. You can move and place your wishing well near mineral nodes to increase farm time in all your locations and fast travel to mine.

  • Important tip: Renew mineral knots every 5 minutes. If you do a tour around the main plaza, exit to mine nodes at another location, then return to the plaza for another mining run.

Emeralds are so rare at the moment; you can Days go by without finding a single emerald while farming mineral nodes. Many quests require you to collect emeralds, so I recommend taking your time and mining mineral nodes whenever you pass one. Keep the emeralds (and other gems) in a stack so you can gift them when you find quests. There are better ways to make money than just selling them.

One thing to watch out for: if you change the clock on your console/PC you may get worse drop rates for Emeralds and other rare materials! This practice is referred to as “time travel” by the Animal Crossing community, and some players use it to skip the 24-hour wait between reset timers. Sometimes it’s better to just wait a day.

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