Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Get Hydrangea

Into the valley Disney Dreamlight Valley is filled with many types of flowers scattered across all biomes. The sheer variety of flowers is only matched by all the different colors they come in. So it can be difficult Disney Dreamlight Valley Players to find certain flowers if they are unfamiliar with them, especially flowers like hydrangeas.

Although they may seem like optional decorations, hydrangeas are used in many parts of the game. This guide will help you Disney Dreamlight Valley Players learn where to find hydrangeas and what they are used for.


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How to get hydrangeas

hydrangeas can only be found in the Dazzle Beach biome, Here players can also get coconuts. Although it may seem strange to see these flowers blooming in the middle of the beach, that’s where they can be found. There are four different colors of hydrangeas that appear: blue, pink, white, and red and purple. The real trick for Disney Dreamlight Valley Players tell the difference between purple and pink as they look very similar in color.

What are hydrangeas used for?

You use that Disney Dreamlight Valley Players would expect from flowers Place them anywhere in their house or village to decorate them with. But surprisingly, hydrangeas can also be used to craft a variety of recipes. While it may sound like a strange crafting recipe, Disney Dreamlight Valley Players can craft flower beds and flower pots with hydrangeas. If players need more flowers to craft, it’s a good idea to bring a companion to get extra flowers.

An example of a crafting recipe would be this Hydrangea and bluebell pot, which requires a flower pot, a blue hydrangea and two purple bluebells. Another good outdoor decoration that uses hydrangeas is the Purple, pink and yellow floral disc. This small flower bed consists of a circular ground area, two pink hydrangeas, two purple bluebells and a yellow daisy.

Hydrangeas can also be used for Craft baskets that are part of a friend search which players get shortly after Moana joins the village. This basket requires six fibers and a pink hydrangea. Players should note that this recipe will only work with a pink hydrangea and any other version of the flower will not work when attempting to craft the basket.

The basket is not technically a quest item, so players can continue to craft and use it as a decoration after the quest is complete. However you want to use it, Disney Dreamlight Valley Players have many options for displaying hydrangeas in the valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is now available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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