Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Get Onions

Because cooking is one of the great mechanics of Disney Dreamlight Valley, there are all kinds of ingredients that can be used to prepare a wide variety of dishes. From appetizer to dessert, Disney Dreamlight Valley Players can cook a lot of food for themselves and all their Disney friends. Most of the time, the trick with ingredients is finding them.

This is the case with onions as they are not an ingredient that grows naturally in the many biomes Disney Dreamlight Valley. This guide will show players where to get onions so they can include them in their meals.


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How do you get onions

As mentioned above, onions do not grow on their own. Disney Dreamlight Valley Players have to grow it themselves. To do this, they must first Unlock the Forest of Valor. Once this biome is open, players must find and repair Goofy’s stable. In addition, players may have to Upgrade Goofy’s stable as its inventory changes daily. At this stall, Goofy will sell various ingredients that are unique to the Forest of Valor. One of them is onion seed.

Once players have bought some seeds, they can plant and water them. When players need more energy to plant seeds, there are many ways to restore them. Disney Dreamlight Valley Players should be prepared for a certain waiting time Onions take just over an hour to be ready to harvest.

One important thing that players should keep in mind is the fact that they don’t have to grow onions in the Forest of Valor just because seeds are bought there. Seeds can be planted anywhere, and as long as players water them, they can grow anywhere in the valley.

What recipes call for onions

Because the onion is a vegetable, it can be used in many recipes that call for one or more vegetables. Some recipes in there Disney Dreamlight Valley are very flexible. For example, if a specific vegetable is not required in a recipe, players can use almost any vegetable. So if players are trying to make grilled veggies (which only requires one veg), it doesn’t matter which veg is used as they all will work for this recipe.

However, there are some recipes that call for onions and cannot be prepared without this ingredient. A good example of this would be a Greek pizza, which requires a herb, a tomato, an onion, a cheese, and a wheat. Because it takes so many ingredients, Greek Pizza is a 5-star recipe and gives a lot of energy back Disney Dreamlight Valley Player. Another, simpler recipe that calls for onions is Onion Puffs, a 3-star recipe. Onion Puffs can be cooked with an onion, egg, and cheese.

Occasionally, Disney characters desire an onion as their daily favorite. That being said, onions are pretty much only used for cooking and gift giving.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is now available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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