Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Time Travel (And Why You Shouldn’t Do It!)

A common trick to avoid.

Disney Dreamlight Valley follows a daily schedule of events – depending on your day and the various timers running off your system clock – different things will happen. Chests appear daily. New quests will begin. The harvest will grow. Many events and triggers depend on the in-game clock, and players can manipulate this clock fairly easily. If you know anything at all animal crossingyou will be familiar time travel. It works on the same principles, and it is also a Error trying here.

time travel is not how the game was intended to be played, and the developers have stated that any bugs related to time travel are a low priority to fix. With time travel, even for a few hours, can permanently ruin your game. That #1 reason Time travel was originally farms dream shards. Since the last September patch, Dream Shards are no longer a problem and can easily be collected from daily glowing dig sites or when feeding animals.

Below I’ll explain exactly how to time travel – but seriously, you don’t want to do this. Not only can you lose 50+ hours of progress, you could potentially lock your game progress, forcing you to start over if you want to experience everything the game has to offer. You don’t risk a ban, you just risk causing bugs in the game that the developers probably won’t fix any time soon.

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How time travel works

time travel is a trick to jump ahead in time and progress faster – in Disney Dreamlight ValleyTime Travel can be used to spawn daily chests faster, grow crops, change the time of day, or unlock new daily quests. Disney Dreamlight Valley uses your internal clock, so you only need to change the time in your game Change the time on your system.

  • How to change the time on Windows 10:
    • Go to Settings -> appointment time -> toggle off”Set time automatically
    • Under Set the date and time manually -> Select “change

You can also change time zone without switching off the automatic time setting.

  • How to Change Time on Xbox One/Series X/S:
    • Go to Settings (gear icon) -> Profile & System -> Settings -> System -> time
    • change that time zone from the drop down menu.

Xbox time cannot be changed while connected to Xbox Live, so you can only change your time zone. Pick a time zone that’s a day or more off – it can be harder, but still saves some time.

Now let’s talk about why you should not use time travel.

  • Why you shouldn’t use time travel:
    • With Time Travel you can Lock out of progress randomly. No one knows exactly what causes time travel to go haywire, it just happens. Even if you only did it once.
    • Once you are locked to progress, you must do it Completely reset your save file. You lose everything and have to start all over again. That could be 50+ hours work immediately down the drain. And you won’t immediately realize that everything is a mess.

The developers have already stated that there are bugs related to time travel low priority – You may never fix these issues as they are not how the game was meant to be played. The rewards for time travel are relatively small, but the downsides are huge. Seriously, don’t do it!

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