‘Doctor Who’ Rings in 60 Years by Giving Its Story the Marvel Treatment

Doctor's Day

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It’s been 60 years and somehow Doctor Who is still up to date.

Everyone’s favorite science fiction The series is celebrating six decades on the air with a slew of new offerings, and on Monday the latest evolution of the Whoniverse was announced. The timeless (ha!) series seems to take cues from the MCU as it branches into a “multi-platform story” that draws on a household name – just not among Whovians. Where have we heard the name Doom before?

season three of The Mandalorian got off to a rocky start, but interest in the show is slowly growing. Its connections to the expansive, far-reaching war of stars The universe is beginning to draw attention, particularly in the wake of Andor — and ahead of much-anticipated releases like Ahsoka. Details included in last week’s episode, particularly those related to genetic research, are beginning to raise questions as viewers ponder the implications for the galaxy at large.

And despite Mandoongoing third season, The last of us still manages to pull the focus. The show’s first season officially ended two weeks ago, but fans just can’t shake this stunning finale. As viewers look back on one of the best video game adaptations made into movies, the creative minds behind season one’s many monsters ponder their most terrifying inclusions.

The scariest monster in the first season of The last of us is an easy choice

Clickers in The Last of Us
Image via HBO

Quite a few monsters debuted in the first season The last of us, as HBO brought Naughty Dog’s version of the apocalypse to new audiences. Creatures like runners and clickers are already a freaky reinterpretation of the classic zombie, but a newcomer easily takes home the award for season one’s spookiest addition. The child clicker, who briefly stalks Ellie before bringing down a vengeful Kathleen, was hands down season one’s scariest creature, at least according to Wētā FX supervisor Simon Jung.

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The Mandalorian focuses on genetic research in the New Republic

Image via Disney Plus

The latest episode of The Mandalorian dug in some areas of war of stars Lore that few live-action adaptations have touched. Mention of genetic research and its illegality in some parts of the New Republic sparked questions from viewers as to when the practice would be outlawed. It was used in the creation of the clone army, which eventually became a huge asset to the Empire and eventually contributed to the return of Darth Sidious, but contributed The Mandalorian‘s point in the canon of the galaxy, it’s something the government is working hard to eradicate.

Doctor Who enters Marvel territory with the announcement of Doctor’s Doom

Image via Marvel Comics

The Whoniverse introduces a new character in the form of Sooz Kempner’s Doom, a time-travelling assassin doomed to die in just 24 hours – unless of course she finds the Doctor. The introduction of the new character via a “multi-platform storyline,” coupled with her very distinctive name, gave fans some serious Marvel vibes and sparked jokes about an official Doctor Who/Marvel crossover.


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