Dominic Raab latest news: Rishi Sunak ‘dithering’ as he postpones verdict on deputy’s fate

Rishi Sunak brands Keir Starmer ‘Sir Softy’ in fiery PMQs exchange about crime

Rishi Sunak has been accused of “procrastinating and delaying” after deciding he needed more time to decide whether to sack his deputy – hours after receiving an independent report of allegations of bullying against his ally.

Dominic Raab’s career was on the brink when the Prime Minister on Thursday postponed a judgment on Mr Raab’s future.

Mr Sunak’s earlier expression of having “full confidence” in Mr Raab still stands, a No10 spokesman said, but “apparently he is carefully reviewing the report’s findings before coming to a judgement”.

Mr Raab was investigated by solicitor Adam Tolley KC over eight formal complaints about his conduct as Foreign Secretary, Brexit Secretary and during his first term as Justice Secretary.

A person involved in the process has called the review “devastating”, while a senior government official said Mr Raab was a “toast”, according to the financial times.

Mr Raab, who has previously said he will quit if the bullying allegations are proven, has insisted he believes “heart and soul” he is not a bully but has defended his “open” approach to his work has.


Jane DaltonApr 20, 2023 6:10 p.m


Report “makes no judgment on bullying” and leaves judgment to Sunak

The official inquiry into claims that Dominic Raab bullied government workers will not pass judgment, leaving it to Rishi Sunak to judge whether his behavior deserves punishment, as it emerged this week:

Jane DaltonApr 20, 2023 5:59 p.m


The decision will be made on Friday at the earliest

According to the press association, a decision on Mr. Raab’s future will be announced on Friday at the earliest.

Jane DaltonApr 20, 2023 5:32 p.m


PM sleeps on “bullying” report

Rishi Sunak has ruled he needs time to decide whether to sack his deputy prime minister – despite receiving the report of bullying allegations.

Mr. Sunak was accused of “dithering and delay”:

Jane DaltonApr 20, 2023 5:17 p.m


Sunak postpones decision

Rishi Sunak will not decide Dominic Raab’s fate as Deputy Prime Minister today, the PA news agency reports.

Jane DaltonApr 20, 2023 5:09 p.m


Labor asks why Raab was not suspended during the inquiry

Labor MP Liz Kendall has questioned why Mr Raab was not suspended during the Tolley inquiry.

“Why did it take five months? Why hasn’t he been suspended meanwhile?” she told ITV News.

“These are serious allegations.

“Most people watching this would feel like he’s not up to his own standards.”

Jane DaltonApril 20, 2023 4:50 p.m


Raab can still hope to save his job

Officials close to Adam Tolley KC’s investigation are said to have been “shocked” by some of the claims against Mr Raab, including staff who regularly burst into tears and are ill before meetings with the deputy prime minister.

But expectations at Westminster are often turned on their head, and Mr Raab may still be hoping the results are ambiguous enough to offer him a lifeline, writes Adam Forrest:

Jane DaltonApril 20, 2023 4:30 p.m


No. 10 is holding back on Sunak-Raab talks

When asked if Rishi Sunak spoke to Dominic Raab, a No.10 spokesman said: “I will not be having private conversations while the trial is ongoing.

“The Prime Minister continues to examine the findings of the report.”

Jane DaltonApr 20, 2023 4:06 p.m


Sunak is still considering decision on Raab

Rishi Sunak is still pondering Dominic Raab’s fate as Deputy Prime Minister as he examines the findings of an inquiry into whether he bullied staff, Downing Street has said.

A No. 10 spokesman told reporters: “The Prime Minister continues to examine the findings of the report.”

When asked if he could say if there would be a verdict on Thursday, the officer said, “Unfortunately, I can’t.”

He said Mr Raab remained in office and the prime minister still had faith in his deputy.


The Home Office spent £370,000 to settle Patel’s bullying claim

It is interesting to remember that Priti Patel was not forced to resign when she was accused of bullying.

Instead, in 2021 the Home Office spent more than £370,000 to settle a senior official’s complaint in court after he claimed the then Home Secretary had bullied him:

Jane DaltonApr 20, 2023 3:45 p.m


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