Dragon Ball Super Card Game: How To Get Started

That Dragon Ball Super card game was released in 2017. Although it may not be as successful as similar games Magic the Gatheringthe Dragon Ball Super card game has a dedicated community of collectors and players with constant releases of new cards, mechanics, and booster packs.

How many decks of cards that Dragon Ball Super card game can seem complex to a novice player, with countless abilities, combat phases, and card types to learn. While it’s true that the game is a bit confusing at first, there are plenty of helpful resources to get you started relatively pain free.

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Learn the rules with DB Super Tutorial app and official website

In which Dragon Ball Super card game, it can be difficult to learn the rules just by reading walls of text. Knowing this, Bandai has compiled tons of resources to help new players get on their feet as quickly as possible. There’s a phone app for the game, simply called “DB Super Card Game Tutorial,” which teaches players step-by-step how every aspect of the game works, culminating in entire matches against the computer.

This type of interactive experience is the fastest way to learn the basic rules of the game, making it easier to learn more complicated rules and new mechanics. To learn specific rules, unique interactions, or new card mechanics, the official Dragon Ball Super card game Website is a great resource. For gamers who aren’t good at learning just by reading, there are also plenty of YouTube instructional videos by various creators.

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Start by playing the DB Super Card Game online

Once new players get the hang of the rules, it can be tempting to buy a physical deck right away. However, it’s a good idea for players to play a few games online first and see what type of leader or archetype they enjoy playing before spending real money.

Unfortunately, there is no official way to play this Dragon Ball Super card game online now, but there are several third-party sites that allow players to use virtual cards to play against other people. In general, logging into the Untap website and their Discord server is the most common way to play online. Players should try tons of different archetypes and leader cards to get started so they know what decks to build when they start spending money on physical cards.

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Buy a starter deck before jumping into custom decks

Although new players could directly purchase booster packs or individual cards to build custom decks, it is much easier and less expensive to purchase a starter deck first. Starter decks for the Dragon Ball Super card game are pretty strong natively and fun to play while only costing $20 or less. The starter decks also come with a game sheet and rules guide, which will be extremely helpful in getting players used to physical cards.

There are four starter decks released in September, most of which are really powerful. There’s a Yellow Transformation Goku deck, a Green Fusion SS3 Gotenks deck, a Red Rage Pan deck, and a Blue Future Trunks deck. Of the four starter decks, Trunks is generally considered the weakest, but players should pick the one they enjoy the most. Another benefit of buying a starter deck is that it can be upgraded as players collect more cards, meaning they don’t become completely irrelevant as players progress.

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Once players have learned the rules and acquired a physical deck they are comfortable with, there are several options they can pursue. For the occasional card player, find a local Dragon Ball Super card game Scene that plays regularly is a lot of fun. Experienced players can usually teach complicated interactions and mechanics more effectively than any website or app could. For those without a local scene, online communities like Discord offer many of the same benefits.

For hardcore players interested in being the best, the next step is to read up on the current meta and build some high-level decks. The meta is constantly evolving as new maps are released, but players can keep up with it by participating in tournaments, talking to other players, and watching informative videos. Currently the meta is dominated by two red decks, SS4 Gogeta and Syn Shenron, but there are other decks that remain competitive such as B. Turtle School Master Roshi.

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