Dwayne Johnson’s latest makeover from daughters is a hilarious work of art

Dwayne Johnson’s two youngest daughters have become experts in over-the-top makeovers for their dad.

Johnson, 50, posted a video to Instagram on Friday, March 24, capturing the beauty – and the chaos – of a new makeup look his daughters Jasmine, 7, and Tiana, 4, are trying on ) tested on him to make him “look nice”.

Instead of using their father’s foundation, the two girls opted for a pink lipstick to paint his entire head from his scalp to his face and neck instead. For the finishing touches, they also used a black eyeliner pencil to paint him a curly mustache, a stained goatee, and a thick unibrow.

At the end of the video, while Jasmine continued to paint the back of her dad’s head with the bright lipstick color, Tiana ran off to find more makeup tools that could help her makeover.

“No, I don’t need makeup anymore. I think I’m fine,” Johnson said of his youngest daughter. “I really feel like I’m fine.”

From the off, Tiana could be heard yelling, “Daddy, Beauty Blenders!” which puzzled Johnson, who told his daughter as she approached him with a makeup sponge, “No, I don’t need a blender.”

“Dad, can we transform you? No baby, dad has a Zoom meeting in 10 minutes,” Johnson began captioning his post. “PLEASE, it’s quick! Ok but make it quick but just do my nails and make me look good.”

Johnson went on to describe the aftermath of his makeover, writing that his virtual meeting was ultimately canceled, his “two tornadoes” laughed at him “uncontrollably and without mercy,” and he put in an hour’s work trying to wash the lipstick off his Head and face with little success because “this s— stains the skin”.

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“Hey they’ll be coming a time later where this stuff won’t bother them so sign me up — daddy’s in,” he concluded the caption.

Johnson is no stranger to makeovers, thanks to his youngest daughters, whom he shares with wife Laura Hashian of almost five. He also shares daughter Simone, 21, with ex-wife Dany Garcia.

In December 2022, the Black Adam star was treated to an early Christmas gift from Jasmine and Tiana in the form of a makeover that included hair, makeup and some adjustments to his workout clothes.

Johnson documented part of the makeover on Instagram and posted a video capturing most of his daughters’ needlework. In the clip, the actor wore a curly blonde wig that was styled into blue and pink dyed pigtails at the ends. Johnson sat patiently while Jasmine applied a generous amount of pink blush to coordinate with his pink lipstick and eyeshadow.

To complete Johnson’s look, Jasmine worked on his outfit, which consisted of a black tank top, athletic shorts and a matching pair of trainers. Deciding to dial in her dad’s look with some extra styling, she opted for a baby pink tutu for him to layer over his shorts.

“I haven’t seen myself in the mirror yet but if I look as cool as I FEEL NOW then I’m the winning baby,” Johnson captioned the post.

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