Edinburgh Local Heroes Awards: Have your say and vote for your community heroes

From teachers bringing children back into a school environment, away from virtual learning, to healthcare workers who have been pioneering against all odds since the pandemic backlash, it was clear to see Edinburgh’s local communities uniting have to help each other others during their time of need.

And we ask that you highlight the efforts of these heroes and thank those who made a difference by nominating them for one of our awards.

Sponsored by @pizza, the awards will take place on December 7th and nominations will be accepted until October 1st.

The Local Hero Awards are back for another year and nominations are open now. Pictured: Bruce Murray, nominee for 2021 Teacher of the Year, with his wife Sarah

Nominations can be submitted in 14 categories celebrating everyone from sports heroes to volunteers.

Categories include Edinburgh Local Hero Awards sponsored by @pizza, Volunteer of the Year and Fundraiser of the Year.

Other categories include Neighbor of the Year, Inspirational Young Adult, Athletic Hero, Parent or Guardian of the Year, Bravery Award, Teacher of the Year, Music and Arts Award, Health Champion, Community Champion, Junior Local Hero Award and Carer of the Year. .

@pizza is the main sponsor of the event and everyone who nominates will receive a generous 25 per cent discount at one of their Edinburgh restaurants located on the Royal Mile and Charlotte Lane.

Other sponsors include Edinburgh Zoo, CityFibre, Openreach and Cold Town Beer, all aiming to shine a spotlight on deserving people in our community.

More information and criteria for each of the categories are below:

The Edinburgh Local Hero Award: Sponsored by @pizza and given to an individual judged to be Edinburgh’s Local Hero. The Junior Local Hero Award: For people under the age of 14 who have made extraordinary achievements in their lives. The Community Champion Award: For individuals who may have supported an individual and/or family or made a significant contribution to the community. The Inspirational Young Adult Award: Recognizes, encourages, and rewards a person (16-24) who, in the face of adversity, has shown exceptional drive and determination for a cause, belief, or person. The Bravery Award: For someone who has shown extraordinary courage in his life. The Carer of the Year Award: For a person who has cared for a friend or family member who has made personal sacrifices to attend to the needs of others. The Fundraiser of the Year Award: For someone who has supported these charities in need and recognizes those who continue to give their time to raise money and raise awareness. The Health Champion Award: Dedicated to someone who has improved a person’s health and/or impacted a person’s quality of life. The Music and Arts Award: A brand new award for an individual or group who has made a difference in the lives of others through music and art. It can be a longtime music teacher or someone successful in helping others through drama, nominate someone who you know deserves this. Neighbor of the Year Award: Recognizes a person who has made the effort to be a good neighbor. The award is for someone who devotes their time to someone who needs companionship and support and who works selflessly to make a neighbor’s life better. Parent or Guardian of the Year: For any mother, father, guardian, or parent figure. Someone in your life you want to show your appreciation when words just won’t cut it. The Sporting Hero Award: A special award recognizing an individual or team that has made outstanding contribution and dedication to local sport and physical activity. Teacher of the Year Award: Recognizing a truly inspirational teacher or classroom assistant in elementary, secondary, further education or higher education. Someone who has made a significant difference in the learning experience of a student or class. The Volunteer of the Year Award: Given to those who dedicate their time to helping others. Individuals can spend their weekends or even volunteer full-time to help those who need it most.

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