Every ‘Rings of Power’ Episode Has Hidden Tidbits. Here’s How to Unearth Them

If you’re watching The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power With Amazon Prime, you already know it’s a mind-blowingly beautiful show full of political intrigue, action and characters with names you’ll forget in minutes.

Tolkien’s story was translated to the screen with spectacular effect, and most of the additions and modifications made to aid in the storytelling in this world were well received.

As with all Tolkien, there are two types of fans: those who want to enjoy it as it is, and those who want to consume every minute detail across multiple watches of each episode. If you find yourself in the latter category or are curious to learn a little more about the world unveiled in this series, Prime Video has an often-overlooked feature with a veritable treasure trove of trivia for you to enjoy.

Amazon’s X-Ray feature is by no means new, but it’s often underappreciated. Whether you’re watching on a laptop, phone or smart TV, X-Ray means that when you pause something streaming through Prime Video, you get a little bit of information about the actors on screen at that moment.

This feature is great when you can’t tell exactly where you’ve seen an actor before, but X-Ray usually offers a lot more information than that.

If you press the X-Ray button on the screen while pausing, several tabs will appear. The Scenes tab in X-Ray makes it easier to jump from plot point to plot point, and you can discover more in the Bonus Content and Trivia tabs.

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For The Rings of Power, these last two stages are brimming with cool items to check out in each episode. For fans of the sheer beauty of this series, the X-Rays Bonus Content tab is filled with both high-quality stills from the episode and some of the artwork created during the storyboarding that led to the creation of the amazing sets.

Each episode has its own unique piece of this content, and the bigger your screen, the more you can enjoy here. I found the most fun in X-Ray’s trivia tab, which Amazon has filled with lore to explain what’s happening on screen, as well as the specific section in the books this scene was derived from for you they can read themselves . Each episode also includes several snippets of quotes from the books immediately followed by the chapter marker for your reference.

Considering all the early dismay of how faithful this show would be to the source material, I think it’s extremely cool of Amazon to show receipts like this. And if I’m being honest, having the X-Ray trivia tab open on my phone while the episode is on my phone is a great way to stop myself from tweeting spoilers before most people have seen the episode TV is played. But overall I just love having those little extras of fun with each episode for those who want a little bit more.

Listen. You will not regret it.

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