Every Status Effect & How To Get Them

Minecraft’s Survival mode offers players a lot. There are biomes and dimensions to explore and various mobs that aid or hinder the player’s progress along the way. There are also some fantasy RPG elements like enchantments, consumables and even status effects that spice up the gameplay.

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Status effects in particular come in a variety of flavors. Players can use them to their advantage to survive longer or move faster and deal more damage. Alternatively, some status effects can be deadly and seriously affect the player against a horde of hostile mobs. Here’s a breakdown of every status effect in Minecraftand how players can get them.


Positive status effects

These status effects benefit the player and are generally desired effects.

status effect description source
absorption Players will receive additional yellow hearts above their health bar for a limited time. Golden apples, enchanted golden apples and totems of immortality
line performance Players have infinite water breathing and underwater night vision. Mining blocks underwater is easier. Stand in the water near an active conduit.
fire resistance Players take no damage from fire or lava. Enchanted Golden Apples, Immortality Totems, some versions of the Suspicious Stew (Leek), Fire Resistance Arrows, and all variants of Fire Resistance Potions.
Hurry Players get increased attack and mining speed. Beacons with haste status effect activated.
hero of the village Players are showered with rewards from members of a village. Successfully defeat all waves of attacks on a village.
Instant health Players gain health instantly. Potion of Healing and all its variants, and Arrows of Healing.
invisibility Players become invisible to mobs and other players. Potion of Invisibility and all its variants as well as Arrows of Invisibility.
jump boost Players gain the ability to jump higher. They also take less damage from falls. Potion of Leaping and all its variants, Arrows of Leaping, active Beacons with Jump Boost status effect activated, and some versions of Suspicious Stew (Cornflower).
night vision Increased visibility underwater and in dark areas or at night. Potion of Night Vision and all of its variants, Arrows of Night Vision, near a conduit (only visible underwater) and some versions of Suspicious Stew (poppy).
regeneration Players’ health will regenerate quickly over time, even without eating. Potion of Regeneration and all its variants, Arrows of Regeneration, active Beacons with regeneration status effect activated, eating Golden Apples, Enchanted Golden Apples or Suspicious Stew (Oxeye Daisy), Totems of Undying or killing an enemy near an Axolotl.
Resistance Players will negate more incoming damage. Potion of the Turtle Master and all its variants activate flares with activated resilience status effect and consume enchanted Turtle Master Golden Apples and Arrows.
saturation Players lose hunger points more slowly. Some versions of the Suspicious Stew (Blue Orchid or Dandelion).
Slow fall Players fall slower and take less fall damage. Potion of Slow Falling and all its variants and Arrows of Slow Falling.
speed Players will run faster. Potion of Swiftness and all its variants, Arrows of Swiftness, and activate Beacons with Speed ​​status effect activated.
Strength Players gain increased melee attack damage, does not affect bows. Potion of Strength and all its variants, Arrows of Strength and active Beacons with Strength status effect activated.
breathe water Players can breathe underwater and won’t lose bubbles on their oxygen bar. Potion of Water Breathing and all of its variants, Arrows of Water Breaking, being near an active underwater conduit and wearing a Turtle Shell helmet (the timer must be refreshed by surface swimming).
*Hover Players float up for several blocks. Being hit by a Shulker projectile.

Note: The Health Boost status effect is technically in-game but not currently used.

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Negative status effects

These status effects will typically affect or damage the player in one way or another and are therefore somewhat undesirable or even fatal.

status effect description source
*Bad omen A neutral status effect that activates and starts a raid when the player enters a village. After killing a captain, a looter with a banner, the player gets this debuff.
blindness Players have limited visibility. It becomes impossible to deal critical damage and run. Some versions of the Suspicious Stew (Azure Bluet).
Darkness Players lose some of their visibility. When a Sculk Shrieker activates or when the Warden is nearby.
hunger Players get hungry faster. Consume bad food like rotten meat, puffer fish, or raw chicken and be attacked by a shell.
Instant damage Instantly takes magic damage that ignores armor. Being hit by a potion of damage and one of its variants, and arrows of damage.
mining fatigue Players will mine and attack more slowly. Being close to an Elder Guardian.
nausea Players get nauseous and their screen starts to distort wildly. Eat a puffer fish.
poison Players lose health over time, but this status effect is not fatal to them. Potion of Poison and all its variants, Arrows of Poison, eating a poison potato, puffer fish, spider eye or suspicious stew (Lily of the Valley version) or being attacked by a bee, puffer fish or cave spider.
slowness Players will walk slower. Potion of Slowness and all its variants, Potions of the Turtle Master and all its variants, Arrows of Slowness and Arrows of the Turtle Master and being attacked by strays.
Weakness Players deal less damage from melee attacks, does not affect bows. Potion of Weakness and all its variants, Arrows of Weakness and some versions of the Suspicious Stew (Tulip).
Wither Players lose damage over time as their hearts turn black. Potion of Decay and all its variants, Arrows of Decay, being hit by the Wither or a Wither Skeleton, being near a Wither Rose, or consuming the Wither Rose version of the Suspicious Stew.

* The effect itself is neutral, but has negative consequences when activated.

Exclusive Bedrock status effects

These status effects can only be found in Minecraft’s Bedrock Edition and may be similar to some included in the Java Edition or both.

  • Deadly poison: Damages the player and can also kill them. This status effect only applies to parrots that are given a cookie to eat. Otherwise it must be accessed with commands.

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Java Edition exclusive status effects

These status effects can only be found in Minecraft’s Java Edition or via commands.

status effect description source
*Bad luck Players have a reduced chance of earning good loot. Not available.
The grace of the dolphin Players swim faster while in the water. Being in the water near dolphins.
Glowing Players get a glowing outline. Spectral Arrows. Ringing a bell near certain enemies like Illagers or witches applies the glow to them as well.
**Happiness Players have an increased chance of earning good loot. Not available.

* Not available in Survival mode.

** Not available in Survival mode.

Minecraft is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS and many other devices.

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