EVIS offers test drives and demonstrations of the latest innovations in the e-mobility industry

Abu Dhabi, UAE: The Electric Vehicle Innovation Summit (EVIS), the largest electric vehicle conference and exhibition in the Middle East, will be held from 29-31 May 2023 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center (ADNEC). Organized by Nirvana Holding, the annual summit is now in its second year, showcasing the latest innovations in the electric mobility industry and bringing together EV industry leaders from around the world.

One of the main highlights of this year’s event is the Technology Park, an innovation area showcasing the latest e-mobility technologies. The technology park is supported by Global Education Energy Environment (Global EEE). The technology park will be divided into two sectors: universities and technology incubators. Selected local and international universities researching e-mobility will showcase their electric and solar vehicles built by university engineering students and participate in open tech sessions and workshops. Meanwhile, local incubators will have the opportunity to showcase their latest innovations in the e-mobility industry and participate in open tech sessions.

This year EVIS is also offering the public a free opportunity to test drive the latest EV models outdoors at the EV Test Drive Track. The test drive track is organized in partnership with major automotive companies in the UAE and is open to the public for the entire duration of the event. This offers the public an exceptional opportunity to learn more about electric vehicles and experience different models.

In addition to the Technology Park and the Outdoor EV Test Drive, EVIS will feature a series of keynotes, sessions and panel discussions on e-mobility-related topics, providing an overview of the market in the MENA region and beyond. The event brings together experts from the automotive industry, academia and government to discuss the latest developments and trends in the e-mobility industry.

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Transport is responsible for almost a third of CO2 emissions worldwide. It’s also an important part of any city,” said Steve Severance, director of growth at Masdar City, EVIS’ sustainability sponsor. “As part of our work to create green print for the cities of the future, Masdar City is committed to investing in and developing the most innovative low-carbon transportation solutions. We have developed two generations of autonomous electric vehicles that have carried more than two million passengers. We are proud to partner with EVIS to showcase the latest electric vehicles.”

“We are very excited to organize the Electric Vehicle Innovation Summit (EVIS) and to bring together the latest technologies in the electric mobility industry. This year we are focusing on showcasing the various opportunities this new sector is opening up for the Middle East. Educating the public and bridging the gap between politics, industry and science” said Mr Naser Al Bahri, Head of the Organizing Committee of EVIS 2023. “The technology park supported by Global EEE will showcase the amazing work of universities and technology incubators in this field. The test track gives the public the opportunity to experience the latest EV models first-hand. We are confident that this will be a great success and will help further fuel the development of the e-mobility industry in the UAE and beyond.” Mr Al Bahri added.

EVIS is an event not to be missed by anyone interested in the latest developments in the e-mobility industry in the Middle East region. For more information on the event, including the full agenda and registration details, visit the event website:

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