Faces of latest defendants before the courts of Nottingham

A Conman builder, a woman who killed her stepson and armed intruders are among the latest cases at Nottingham Crown Court. More than 10 people have recently been jailed for various crimes – including a career criminal who crashed into a motorcyclist the most notorious offenders working in children’s homes, and a former PCSO who spied on children and persuaded others worldwide to take sexually explicit pictures of themselves.

Leila Borrington, who was convicted of manslaughtering stepson Harvey Borrington, received the longest prison sentence. The three-year-old died in hospital on August 9, 2021 after paramedics called and found him “unconscious”, “unresponsive” and in “abnormal posture”, Nottingham Crown Court heard.

Read about this and other cases being handled by Nottinghamshire Live below

Kaine Fearn and Cameron Thorn

Two men armed with guns confronted a victim in their own home. Kaine Fearn and Cameron Thorn both wore balaclavas as they entered their shared property at Station Road, Carlton.

Armed with a machete or hammer, the duo then stormed into the victim’s bedroom and confronted him, Nottinghamshire Police said. Fearn, 25, of Eagle Drive, Derby, was sentenced to two years and one month in prison after pleading guilty to possessing a bladed object.

Kaine Fearn and Cameron Thorn(Image: Nottinghamshire Police)

Thorn, 28, of Boulton Lane, Derby, has been jailed for three years after admitting to a fight and possession of an assault weapon. Read the whole story here


Career criminal Jason Collins, 46, of Stanton Hill, Sutton-in-Ashfield, pulled out of an intersection without looking and collided with a motorcyclist in Sutton-in-Ashfield. The injured motorcyclist, then 19, was taken to hospital and treated for multiple injuries, including a broken back.

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JasonCollins(Image: Nottinghamshire Police)

Collins pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, causing serious injuries. He appeared at Nottingham Crown Court on Tuesday (March 21) where he was sentenced to three years in prison and a three-year driving ban. Read the whole story here

Dean Gathercole

One of The most notorious offender working in children’s homes, Dean Gathercole, was convicted Tuesday (March 21) of abusing a girl who lived at a children’s home in First Avenue, Carlton, where Gathercole had worked as an assistant supervisor.

Dean Gathercole when he was sentenced in 2018(Image: Nottinghamshire Police)

The 58-year-old, formerly of Westcliffe Avenue in Radcliffe-on-Trent, has been sentenced to an additional four years to his current 17-year sentence for abuse at a children’s home in Stapleford.

Continue reading: Dean Gathercole, the survivor of Nottinghamshire’s most notorious children’s home abuser, tells her story

He was found guilty in February of three counts of indecent assaults on 14-year-old Jane Yeo, who has revoked her right to anonymity. Read the whole story here

Ardi Salikaj

A man growing drugs at his home has been caught by police hiding behind his cannabis plants. Ardi Salikaj, 30, of Beech Tree Avenue, Mansfield Woodhouse, was seen crouching in the attic of his home during a raid.

Ardi Salikaj(Image: Nottinghamshire Police)

Salikaj pleaded guilty to cannabis production and was sentenced to eight months in prison on March 17 at Nottingham Crown Court. Read the whole story here

Paul McIntosh

Prolific burglar and thief Paul Mcintosh, 42, with no fixed address, targeted homes, student accommodation and businesses across Nottingham.

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Paul McIntosh (Image: Nottinghamshire Police)

He was jailed for a total of three and a half years when he appeared at Nottingham Crown Court after being convicted on four counts of burglary, one count of theft from a shop, one count of assault and one count of handling stolen goods. Read the whole story here

James Doran

Local residents spotted James Doran, 33, of Great Hoggett Drive in Chilwell trying out the grips of parked cars in Stapleford. He was later spotted in Chilwell and was found to have in his possession a modified set of car keys, a multi-tool and additional silver key tools.

James Doran(Image: Nottinghamshire Police)

He pleaded guilty to being equipped to steal. He was jailed for 30 weeks after appearing at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court. Read the whole story here

Troi Brown and Emre Bulbuller

Defendant Troi Brown, 29, placed the guns in the trunk of the car driven by 26-year-old Sam Rigley. Police seized two pistols and 21 rounds of ammunition.

Further investigation led to Brown, Rigley and two other men – 28-year-old Emre Bulbuller and 39-year-old Ronald Redmond – being charged. Brown, of Amesbury Circus, Cinderhill, and Bulbuller, of Ralph Drive, Somercotes, Derbyshire, both pleaded guilty to two counts of possession of a prohibited firearm and another of possession of ammunition without a firearms certificate.

Troi Brown, left, and Emre Bulbuller, right(Image: Nottinghamshire Police)

Brown, who also pleaded guilty to possession of a prohibited firearm, was sentenced to a total of six years in prison when he appeared at Nottingham Crown Court for sentencing on March 16. Bulbuller was also sentenced to six years in prison.

Guns were found in the trunk of the car(Image: Nottinghamshire Police)

Redmond of Amesbury Circus, Cinderhill pleaded guilty to criminal property agreement. He was sentenced to an eight-month sentence, which he had served in pre-trial detention, and was therefore immediately released on parole.

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Rigley, of Elizabeth Park, Ironville, Derbyshire, also pleaded guilty to criminal property agreement. He is due to be sentenced at Nottingham Crown Court on March 31. Read the whole story here

Leila Borrington

Leila Borrington, 23, of Main Road, Jacksdale, was convicted of two violent assaults on vulnerable three-year-old Harvey Borrington, her stepson, before ultimately killing him in a final act of violence.

Leila Borrington (Image: Nottinghamshire Police)
Tragic footage of Harvey Borrington shared by his mother

She was sentenced on March 16 to 15 years for the manslaughter of Harvey, who was three years and eight months old when he died. Read the whole story here

Matthew Shaw

Former PCSO Matthew Shaw, 38, of Bernard Avenue, Mansfield Woodhouse, spied on children and persuaded others worldwide to take sexually explicit pictures of themselves. His photo was released after he was sentenced to 14 years in prison, including six years with an extended sentence.

Matthew Shaw (Image: Derbyshire Police)

The father of two, who lost his job, pleaded guilty to 21 counts of inducing a child to engage in sexual activity and three counts of voyeurism. Read the whole story here

Markus Beresford

Mark Beresford, 39, swung an ax during an argument on a Mansfield street.

Markus Beresford(Image: Nottinghamshire Police)

He was arrested that same afternoon and subsequently pleaded guilty to possession of an assault weapon. Beresford, of Winster Way, appeared in Mansfield Magistrates’ Court on March 9 and was jailed for 12 months. Read the whole story here

Lee Bodie

Renegade trader Lee Bodie has cheated his victims out of thousands of pounds and spun a web of lies – including a shocking claim he was hospitalized with testicular cancer. Lying Bodie, who ran three different earthworks or construction services companies, scammed nine people with their £32,780 hard-saved money and made false promises of construction work that hardly ever got off the ground.

Lee Bodie (Image: Marie Wilson/Nottinghamshire Live)

Bodie was sentenced Thursday (March 23) to 27 months in prison on ten counts of fraud to which he pleaded guilty at a previous hearing. Read the whole story here



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