Fantasy Baseball Cheat Sheet 2023: Rankings, sleepers, projections, auction values

In spring, the countdown to opening day of the 2023 MLB season hit T-minus one week. That means fantasy baseball season has arrived, the most glorious time of the year for those who can’t get enough of the national pastime. It used to mean it was time to head to Barnes & Noble, or the corner store, to buy a “draft guide” from Sporting News — basically a magazine about everything fantasy , covered from front to back. Then, little by little, magazines paved the way for subscription-based “online design kits.” Today we’ve got everything you could need to get ready for fantasy baseball season in our cheat sheet, a convenient one-stop shop for leaderboards, thresholds, auction values, breakouts, misses, blueprint strategies and more.

For many, fantasy baseball isn’t just a hobby — it’s an immersive experience that begins with draft prep, brings friends and family together for draft day, and continues with camaraderie and competition for six months. Whether you draft in-person or online and compete on CBS, Yahoo, ESPN,, Sleeper, DraftKings, or FanDuel, now is the time to line up your ducklings and make sure you catch the maelstrom of the Drafts are prepared day. Our cheat sheet gives you all the links you need to make sure you’re on track for the big day.

Mark your calendar: The opening day’s first pitch clock starts ticking on Thursday, March 30 at 1:05 p.m. Until then, we’ll continue to produce new content, improve our player rankings, and update the existing articles below — so make sure to bookmark this page and check back often for the latest links. We’ll be with you every step of the way as you prepare to dominate your drafts and put your name in the virtual history books of each of your leagues.

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Like the MLB pitchers, we’re all on the clock now – so let’s get to the point! Here’s the full list of rankings and analysis we’ve prepared for you so far, along with everything that’s in the works in the coming days. Good luck, have fun and chase the championship title!

2023 Fantasy Baseball Cheat Sheet: Content

Fantasy Baseball Cheat Sheet: Top 300 & Position Rankings

Top 300: We’ve updated and adjusted this ranking so many times that we now know exactly where to place our emphasis on Andrés Giménez.

catcher: Often overlooked or undervalued, the catcher position can actually pay off big if you find the right value at the right time.

First basemen: Slugging, Speed, Average – the modern iteration of First Base features some of the most dynamic athletes in the history of the position.

Second basemen: Don’t worry, it’s more than just Mookie and his seemingly permanent 2B eligibility.

Third baseman: Some say hot corners are top-heavy. We say there’s value around almost every corner (um, round).

Short Stops: The bottom position in baseball just keeps getting better.

outfield player: The position that arguably has the most elite options And most sleepers. A lot can go well, but even more can go wrong.

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Starting pitchers: You can’t just roll with Gerrit Cole – have a strategy to build your entire rotation!

Relief Jugs: Relief pitching is as deep as ever, making it difficult to block with just one or two players. Let us help you navigate the wild world of helpers.

Fantasy Baseball Cheat Sheet: Sleepers on Every Position

catcher: You may say I’m a dreamer – but I’m not the only one. We’ve found some catchers with some value… outside of the mid-tier run.

First Basemen: Predict some experienced bounce backs and two young hitters.

Second Basemen: A little power and a little pop – the second base will surprise you!

Third baseman: Don’t fret if you miss the top five options.

Short Stops: As I said, shortstop is deep. Maybe we should call it Longstop? deep stop? Point.

outfield player: Please warn your fantasy server about allergies as Nootbar is on the menu.

Starting pitchers: We trust a starter with two first names, several guys named after kings and one we’ve nicknamed “Dolo Baggums”. This crazy train cannot be stopped.

Relief Jugs: In a sea of ​​save throw-related unpredictability, let’s pilot your auxiliary pitcher ship.

Fantasy Baseball Cheat Sheet: Auction values ​​for each position

catcher: Spend wisely – breaking the bank with a backstop is like backing FTX or Fyre Fest 2.

First Basemen: Money for power… power for victory… victory for eternal glory. No, we’re not talking about “Fast and Furious 17” – it’s the first base auction values.

Second Basemen: Let’s play a game called How Little Can You Spend on Second Base?

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Third baseman: Take my money, Raffy Devers. And then take a little more from John Henry since he let Xander go.

Short Stops: Money doesn’t grow on Treas.

outfield player: Can you bag a top 5 outfielder for under $40 or a top 10 for under $30? Man, I can’t even find eggs for under $8.

Starting pitchers: Who will be the first to drop $40 on an appetizer and then do a vicious tilt?

Relief Jugs: Perhaps you can split your budget for service projects into committee offers?

Fantasy Baseball Cheat Sheet: Drafting Tool

RotoBaller’s “Who to Draft” tool: RotoBaller’s annual fantasy baseball drafting tool helps you make critical drafting decisions instantly.

Fantasy Baseball Cheat Sheet: Prospects & Breakout Contenders

Top prospects: Get moving, sleepers—these top prospects could be the next up-and-coming talent at any position.

Fantasy Baseball Cheat Sheet: Bust Candidates

All Bust Team: It’s not a “Do Not Draft” list per se, but rather a Walter White warning to “take it lightly” (okay, a little less severe!). Basically, this team is made up of players that we don’t expect to live up to their ADP billing.

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