Felise Kaufusi suspension: Dolphins enforcer unsuccessful at the judiciary

Felise Kaufusi was unsuccessful in his attempt to have his charge of dangerous contact with NRL justice downgraded.

The Dolphins backrower will now miss his team’s next four games for his goal against Jackson Hastings.

Felise Kaufusi was unsuccessful in his attempt to downgrade the charges

On his way to justice on Tuesday night, Kaufusi faced the prospect of missing the next four games for the Dolphins if his attempt to have the charges downgraded was unsuccessful.

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However, there was also a chance the veteran striker could just pay a fine and be available in Round 4.

After Kaufusi was cited for a late shot at Hastings in the side’s 36-20 win over the Knights on Friday night, Kaufusi has been charged with second-class dangerous contact.

Given his previous indiscretions, Kaufusi faced a three-game suspension if he pleaded guilty early, but instead risked missing a month of football to be cleared of the charge.

Kaufusi’s defense highlighted the fact that Joseph Suaalii’s tackle against Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad in Round 2 was not cited by the Match Review Committee and compared it to Kaufusi’s hit.

However, NRL legal counsel Patrick Knowles argued that Kaufusi was in position to withdraw from the attempt.

“I’m just asking you to spot two different hits – tackler Suaalii isn’t charging at high speed,” he said.

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“There were no extenuating circumstances or anything to explain how this duel could be on the lower level of seriousness.”

Kaufusi’s attorney, Nick Ghabar, countered that his client’s tackle “was only marginally late and deserved no more than a basic fee.”

The Queensland representative’s lawyer also argued that the severity of the attack had been exaggerated as Hastings did not require medical attention after being hit.

“If player Hastings had held the ball, what would have been wrong with the tackle?” he posed. “In my opinion, the risk of injury was higher in the Suaalii tackle.”

But Knowles dismissed that argument, attributing Hastings’ lack of injury to luck.

“The fact that player Hastings was not injured had more to do with luck than player Kaufusi’s diligence,” he said.

How long will Felise Kaufusi be banned?

Felise Kaufusi faced a four-game ban if found guilty by NRL justice.

Will Felise Kaufusi play Broncos?

Felise Kaufusi applied for a downgraded dangerous personal ad to get free and only have to pay a fine.

However, he was ruled out of the Dolphins’ next four games, including Friday night’s clash with Brisbane, after being unsuccessful before justice.

NRL greats deal with Felise Kaufusi

Phil Gould jumped to Kaufusi’s defense and claimed the Dolphins forward shouldn’t miss any game time for his tackle against Hastings.

“This year when they show a clip of all his other tackles where he gave it to Brandon Smith … he gave it to guys and everyone applauded him for it,” Gould continued 100% footy.

“He was half a step late … but no chance to retire. He shouldn’t be on the sidelines for that, he certainly doesn’t deserve to be on the sidelines for that – but they’ll find a way.”

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The likes of Billy Slater and Paul Gallen also believed the Maroons star had real reason to seek a demotion – but the same can’t be said for another league great.

Andrew Johns condemned Kaufui’s tackle as a “cheap shot” in the last issue of . The Sunday Footy Show.

“It’s the cheapest shot in the game,” Johns said.

“Putting guys in the back after they pass the ball.”

When is Dolphins vs Broncos?

The Dolphins face the Brisbane Broncos for the first time Friday March 24th at Suncorp Stadium.

The game will kick off at 8 p.m. AEDT And 7 p.m. local time in Queensland.

Both teams will go unbeaten with a 3-0 record to start the year.

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