Foo Fighters: VMAs front-runners for Best Rock Video

foo fighter are nominated for “Love Dies Young” at the MTV Video Music Awards for Best Rock Video. It is their ninth nomination in this category, spanning a quarter of a century, but they have only won the award once so far. We bet they’ll finally get a bookend this year.

As of this writing they are getting leading odds of 82/25 based on the combined predictions of hundreds of Gold Derby users. Among those who bet on Foo Fighters are all of our editors who cover awards for Gold Derby throughout the year, 19 of our top 24 users who got the highest scores in last year’s VMAs predictions, and a whopping 23 the All-Star Top 24 who did the best predictions when you combine the results of the past two years.

Foo Fighters has previously been credited for Monkey Wrench (1997), Everlong (1998), Best of You (2005), The Pretender (2008), Walk (2011), Run (2017) nominated ), “The Sky is a Neighborhood” (2018) and “Shame Shame” (2021), which won only for “Walk” 11 years ago. That connects them with Fall out Boy as the most nominated artist in the category. The band won another VMA: Best Group Video for “Big Me” in 1996, which remains their only video to be nominated for Video of the Year. And they received the honorable Global Icon Award at the 2021 VMAs.

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The good news for Foo Fighters is that they have a pretty good track record compared to the rest of the field. Jack White (“Taking Me Back”) has five moon people, but all in professional categories not decided by fans; We rank him second at odds of 4/1. Next are the red hot chili peppers (“Black Summer”) at odds of 5/1; They have had seven wins in the past, including the fan-voted Audience Award for “Under the Bridge” in 1992. muse (“Won’t Stand Down”), currently at odds of 11/2, has a win in the pro category, but none of the fans voted. The category is rounded off by shining down (“Planet Zero”, odds of 13/2) and Three days Grace (“So Called Life”, odds 15/2), both nominated for the first time.

Also of note is that this is the first VMA nomination for Foo Fighters since the sudden death of their drummer Taylor Hawkins, so this award is also a chance for fans to honor him posthumously. Do you agree with our consensus that they will win, or are we underestimating their rivals?

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